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Interior4291 viewsThe instrument panel and gauges are all original. I used a coverlay on top and sat hours with black silicon and a tootpick to repair cracks in the vertical face which, 18 years on, are still holding up with the repairs invisible. the steering wheel is a Grant Signature Classic. It is not available from any of the MG catalogs, but from most auto parts chains and the JEGS or JC Whitney catalogs. The MG logo horn button is home made from the plain kit piece, but all else is available for all MGB's.2 comments
'76 B Chrome Conversion of Ray Huckleberry848 views
'76 B Chrome Conversion of Ray Huckleberry575 views1 comments
'76 B Chrome Conversion of Ray Huckleberry486 viewsInterior
'76 B Chrome Conversion of Ray Huckleberry586 views1 comments
MGB Poster2658 viewsPoster of my MGB
66 B of Steve and Mary Ellen2176 views
64 B of Tom Lussier2423 views
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