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1974 MGB319 viewsReacquired in October 2018 after 15 years.
'74 B of Ken and Sharon Olszewski1960 views'74 B of Ken and Sharon Olszewski along with their '51 TC and '77 B
1594 viewsI purchased this car in July 1974 with 21,000 miles on the odometer. It was Pale Primrose. It was repainted and given a new interior in 1987. Now, 34 years later, the car has 108,000 miles on the odometer and is still in my garage. It's driven regularly.
'69 B of Les Williamson in December 1977514 viewsMy 69 MGB, I was 18 and purchased this little gem from my cousin in Middlesboro Kentucky. Paid for with money from bussing tables and washing dishes. Didn't know when I would get back so I put her up for sale. I left for Navy Boot Camp that day.
2260 viewsDougs 1970 Split Bumper B1 comments
1096 viewsOriginal Owner of this 1974 Harvest Gold MGB
Brian Gurney's 1974 MGB2450 viewsOriginal Owner of the 1974 Harvest Gold MGB1 comments
1438 viewsOriginal Owner of this 1974 Harvest Gold MGB1 comments
Brian Gurney's 1974 MGB1033 viewsOriginal Owner of this 1974 Harvest Gold MGB
Brian Gurney's MGB3479 views2 comments
'70 MGB of Shaun Phillips545 viewsA nice great running 1970 Mark II. Daily driver when it doesn't snow here in Vermont.
1973 MGB of Art Isaacs1302 viewsEngine in place and trimmed. I modified the Stellings & Hellings air cleaners from the HS application by drilling-out the threaded holes in the back plate so they can be fitted to the HIF carbs. I recently changed to a Pertronix electronic ignition and am very happy with the results.1 comments
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