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1st place chrome B - '69 of Dave Rushing1105 views1 comments12/25/13 at 01:17Guest_Muriel: Superb pictures, the color and depth of the pictur...
Interior4821 viewsThe instrument panel and gauges are all original. I used a coverlay on top and sat hours with black silicon and a tootpick to repair cracks in the vertical face which, 18 years on, are still holding up with the repairs invisible. the steering wheel is a Grant Signature Classic. It is not available from any of the MG catalogs, but from most auto parts chains and the JEGS or JC Whitney catalogs. The MG logo horn button is home made from the plain kit piece, but all else is available for all MGB's.2 comments12/25/13 at 01:08Guest_coach online factor: (...)
1979 British Racing Green MGB Roadster of Jeff Dutkovic, Allison Park, PA2393 views4 comments12/25/13 at 00:58Guest_coach factory outle:
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Robin's '80 B6926 views2 comments12/25/13 at 00:53Guest_michael kors quilte: I think (...)
poplular vote winner at AMGBA Meet 2011709 views2 comments12/25/13 at 00:46Guest_michael kors websit: Written wonderful like this (...)
'79 B of Jeff Dutkovic1502 views1 comments12/25/13 at 00:33Guest_michael kors shirts: Written wonderful like this (...)
'73 B of Peter Dharma3150 views1 comments12/25/13 at 00:18Guest_Lacey: Some fantastic images. Outstanding colours. Also ...
Back View5853 viewsThe dealer emblem on the rear is from the original sale to an associates' son when he was a student in Denver. The Hong Kong and China plates are real and owing to my working there and being an active member of the MG Car Club - Hong Kong (the HK club badge is set in the grille), but are just for show and generating interest in a sea of red MGB's here in the US. The NJ "QQ" tags are hidden beneath the HK ones which are on removable slip plates. 2 comments12/25/13 at 00:13Guest_coach factory tange:
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Robin's '80 B6926 views2 comments12/25/13 at 00:12Guest_michael kors watche: Written wonderful like this (...)
Clowning around5297 viewsOff to Salvation Army Kid's Picnic - June 20064 comments12/25/13 at 00:01Guest_best price coach ha:
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1976 MGB of Jeffrey Louis15533 views3 comments12/24/13 at 23:57Guest_Lorenzo: What sort of camera is this? That is definitely a ...
'74 B of Buddy Seeberg26683 views7 comments12/24/13 at 23:51Guest_Selina: Thank you for consisting of the attractive picture...
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