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AMGBA Club Blog

AMGBA publication history
AMGBA organizational timeline
AMGBA past shows/conventions/meets

by Frank Ochal

The American MGB Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 in New York. From the club's inception through today the club is dedicated to serving the interests of MGB, MGB-GT and Midget owners throughout North America.

The American MGB Association was started by John Giannasca and Rick Horan, the original chairmen. They thought it would be nice to have a club for MGBs just as there were clubs for other cars that people were driving new out of the showroom. They operated the club out of a spare room in the house where they lived. It was there that the 111 Roger Avenue in Inwood, New York address was used. They advertised the club in Road & Track and invited responses from prospective members for ideas in starting the club. The first newsletter was published in 1976 using a copier and contained some of the features still used today such as the Technical Section and From the Editor's Desk. Newsletter mailing preparation and mailing were done in Inwood, New York.First newsleter of the American MGb Association

In those early days, as the club continued to grow, it provided a way for people to meet other members in the same area who wished to start Local Chapters. It was this way that the Chicago Chapter of the American MGB Association was founded. Two of the most prominent American MGB Association members were there at the start of the Chicago Chapter - Bruce Magers, the current Vice-President and Steve Glochowsky, the past president.

Steve Glochowsky became heavily involved with the National Club through the Chicago Chapter. Each early AMGBA newsletter which was filled with accounts on how well the Chicago Chapter was doing and the events that were being held. Rick Horan and John Giannasca wished to have some of the same expertise in the national organization and Steve became the AMGBA Publicity Director. The member magazine, the Quarterly, began being published using Liberty-Whitfield Printing in Glenview, Illinois which was the same printer that the Chicago Chapter of the AMGBA used with magazine mailing preparation done by AMGBA officers. The magazine was now being mailed out of the Fort Dearborn post office on Ontario Street in Chicago, Illinois. I, Frank Ochal became involved in the club at the 1978 Chicago Auto Show when I met Chicago Chapter members at the MG Exhibit. As a result, I became both a Chicago Chapter member and AMGBA member shortly thereafter.

The AMGBA held its first National Convention in the summer of 1978 in Chicago at the Hillside Holiday Inn. It was moderately successful and was a result of much hard work by Steve Glochowsky, Rick Horan and John Giannasca. I attended and met the founding chairmen for the first time. During that year I became more heavily involved with national AMGBA activities and was named assistant publicity director.

During the spring of 1979, Steve and I visited New York to promote the AMGBA at the New York Auto Show. It was at this time that I saw the original club headquarters and met with some of the other original officers including Marion Farrell, the first secretary.

During the summer of 1979, our first eastern convention was held in Ithaca, New York with Floyd Garren as convention organizer. The enthusiasm was growing as evidenced by the turnout. On another promotional trip later that year, Steve and I went to a GOF, a 'Gathering of the Faithful' held by the New England MGT Register, in Cooperstown, New York. Rick Horan joined us in Cooperstown for this event. It was at this time that Rick told us about his new business and how it would be consuming much of his time. Consequently, he and John were transferring the administration of the AMGBA to Blues Brothers movie set with brother Dave, Al Rada, Steve Glochowsky and Frank OchalSteve Glochowsky and Frank Ochal. Steve quickly formed an administration with himself as President, Frank Ochal as Vice-President and Debbie Glochowsky as Secretary. So the AMGBA headquarters was moved to Chicago area where it still is today serving MGB, MGB-GT, and MG Midget owners throughout the USA, Canada and the world.

Also in 1979, the AMGBA and the Chicago Chapter participated in the filming of the Blues Brothers movie with John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. Myself, Steve Glochowsky, Al Rada and my brother Dave were in the scenes shot in the Daley Center and the South Shore Country Club in Chicago as well as in a shopping mall in Harvey, Illinois.

In 1980, the AMGBA made a trip to England to tour the Abingdon Works where MGs were made. We Frank's '73 B on the Indy 500 trackwere hosted in England by Ken Smith who was the AMGBA British coordinator and a leader of an MG Club district out of Sheffield, England. He became a friend of the club through many conversations AMGBA Octagon Spot Color at Whitfield-Liberty Press and cover at Abingdon Workswith Steve Glochowsky. Steve Glochowsky, myself and other members of the club went on the last tours of the Abingdon Factory and visited other important MG sites in England. John Twist began contributing his technical expertise to the membership through the club magazine as well as holding his very successful MG Summer Parties in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The conventions continued to grow and to be moved around the country. The 1980 AMGBA National Convention was held in Glens Falls, New York. The organization's growth and success led to renting the world famous Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway in 1981 for that year's AMGBA National Convention. Also in 1981, the AMGBA and the local chapter participated in a parade with their MGs inside the old Chicago White Sox park.

In 1982, the AMGBA held its first National Convention outside the USA in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 1982 also saw a change in officers as MGBs at the old Chicago White Sox parkMargie Johnson (now Margie Springer) became the Secretary and the AMGBA opened an office in Schaumburg, Illinois for storage, work area and a telephone answering service. In 1983, the AMGBA went west for the first time in Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada.

Toward the end of 1983, Steve Glochowsky started working at a new job that consumed much of his spare time. I, Frank Ochal assumed most of the duties of running the club and became President in 1984 with Bruce Magers as Vice-President in a Milwaukee meeting of the club. Magazine mailing preparation was now transferred to North Suburban Office mailing service in Northfield, Illinois with the Winnetka, Illinois post office now doing the actual mailing of the magazine. In 1984 we went west again and held our national convention in Boulder, Colorado. In 1985, the AMGBA held two conventions in Santa Barbara, California and Abingdon, Illinois. Later in 1985, the AMGBA office was moved to Margie Johnson's (now Springer) apartment in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. In 1986, we visited Texas during its 150 year anniversary in San Antonio, Texas and in 1987 we visited the Saratoga Springs area of beautiful upstate New York. In 1988, the convention site was Kansas City, Missouri. In 1989, we visited the Great Northwest part of our country in Springfield, Oregon.

In 1990 the convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia, which was a first for the Southeast portion of the country. In 1991 we returned to the site of our first convention in Chicago. That same year, Margie Johnson (now Springer) moved to Cape Cod, MA where she continued as the AMGBA secretary. The AMGBA first full color cover Octagon printed on newsprintOffice was moved to 5875 N. Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois. In 1992, we returned to the West Coast to the beautiful San Francisco Bay area in Palo Alto, California. In 1993, we traveled to New England at Keene, New Hampshire / Westminster, Vermont, the site of the Westminster MG Museum. Also in late 1993, Bruce Magers became the Vice-President. In 1994, we went for the first time to the San Diego, California area at the world famous Del Mar racetrack. In 1995 we traveled for the first time to Memphis, Tennessee. In 1996 we joined with all of the other major MG Clubs in North America for MG Indy '96 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indy 500 racetrack. Also in 1996, we changed printers to Newsweb in Chicago and began publishing the member magazine, the Octagon with color on 8 pages. In 1997 we were on the West Coast in the San Francisco area at Palo Alto, California. In 1998 we were in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Lake Campus of Davidson College. In 1999, we were in Los Angeles, California for the first time at Woodley Park near Van Nuys to join the British Car Meet organized by Rick Feibusch. Also in 1999, we began First AMGBA eOctagon in 2000publishing the member magazine 6 times per year and the name of the name of the magazine was changed to the Octagon (formerly the Quarterly) and also began publishing the eOctagon as a supplement to the Octagon and sent to all members with email addresses.

In 2000, we went to Armagh, Pennsylvania and joined with The Roadster Factory Summer Party. In 2001, we went to Houston, Texas for the Houston MG Club's All British Motor Vehicle Exposition and in 2002 we again went to the San Francisco, California area for the Palo Alto British Car Meet. Also in 2002, we began offering eMembership at a reduced rate and included all benefits of regular membership except the printed Octagon would not be received by postal mail. In 2003 we were in Florida for the first time in Titusville, Florida. Frank and Bruce at a Chicagoland British Car Festival with Frank's'74 BThe Octagon began being published 5 times per year and Victor Gariti formerly of North Suburban Office mailing service began preparing the magazine mailing. In 2004 we had a very successful Meet in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in conjunction with the Cape Cod British Car Club’s British Legends Weekend. In 2005, we were in San Diego, California at Fairbrook Farms in Bonsall for San Diego British Car Day. Also in 2004, the AMGBA officers again started preparing the magazine mailing. We were in Maryland in 2006 at the MGs on the Rocks Show and in 2007 we went to Charlotte, North Carolina at the MGs on the Green Show. In 2008 we were in Armagh, Pennsylvania with The Roadster Factory Summer Party. For 2009 we planned for a the full color Octagonshow in the Central Valley of California. Also in 2009, we changed printers to Leesburg Printing in Florida with the printer doing the member magazine mailing in Leesburg, Florida and the Octagon was now published 4 times per year.

In 2010 we went to Sussex, Wisconsin for the British Car Field Day. For 2011 we were in Ohio for the first time at Dayton in conjunction with the 27th Annual British Car Day at Eastwood Metropark. For 2012 we went to the Jersey Shore to Ocean Grove, New Jersey to join in with Brits on the Beach 2012. Also in 2012, we changed printers to Johnson Press in Pontiac, Illinois with 16 pages of color. They did the magazine mailing preparation and mailed it in poly wrap to better protect the magazine during mailing. In 2013 we visited Mississippi for the first time to the oldest city on the Mississippi River Bruce, Margie and Frank at AMGBA Meet 2017 in Fairhope, Alabamain conjunction with the English Motoring Club of Mississippi's Brits on the Bluff Show in Natchez, Mississippi. In 2014, we were at New England's largest British car show at the British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont. Meet 2015 was in South Carolina at the Grand Strand British Car Club's Britfest in Myrtle Beach. Also in 2015, the AMGBA Office closed on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago with the items moved to Frank Ochal's and Bruce Magers' homes. In 2016 we were in Virginia for the first time in Waynesboro at the Shenandoah Valley British Car Festival. Also in 2016, we changed to full color printing with the September 2016 issue and cancelled the long time post office box address. The club address became 5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60640. In 2017 we made our initial trip to Alabama in Fairhope which is near Mobile and the Gulf Coast at the South Alabama British Car Frank, Bruce and Margie at dinner discussing the future of the AMGBAFestival. In 2018, we went to the Philadelphia area for the first time at the Brits in the Village Show in Lahaska, Pennsylvania. For 2019 we were at the Grand Strand British Car Club's Britfest at Market Common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Meet 2020 was not held due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For Meet 2021 we were "back where it all started" at the Chicagoland British Car Festival at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. No Meet was held in 2022 and future shows are suspended due to continuing pandemic issues and staff aging made more of concern travelling cross country in an MG.

In 2022, we published the last printed issue of the Octagon with future issues to be emailed and available on the club website without an email address in the members only section of the club website at Other member benefits remained the same.

Bruce Magers retired from his role as Regalia Chairmen and Treasurer as of December 31, 2022. Margie Springer retired from the position of AMGBA Secretary also at the end of that year. Frank Ochal continued in his role as editor of the Octagon publication and to send it to the membership.

Remember that the American MGB Association, the AMGBA, offers what no one else can - a tradition of service to MGB, MGB-GT and Midget owners since 1975 with a proven track record as evidenced that many members that have been with us for more than 45 years. Why? - because the AMGBA gives them what they want and need!!

For more information contact the American MGB Association, 5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640 USA, call 773-769-7084, email:, website:

Note: The above history tries to be as accurate as possible. If you notice anything that should be corrected or something that should be added, contact us and we will place the correction on the club website as well as in a future emailed publication.


1976: 1st American MGB Association newsletter using a typewriter and copier published by the club founders in NY
1978: The AMGBA newsletter, now called the Quarterly was printed using spot color on the cover but otherwise only using black ink in by Whitfield-Liberty Press in Glenview, Illinois
1996: The AMGBA Quarterly now included 8 full color pages on newsprint and published in Chicago, IL by Newsweb
1999: The Quarterly name was changed to the Octagon and began being published 6 times per year
2000: The eOctagon is published for the first time as an additional publication sent to members by email
2002: eMembership offered at a reduced rate with members receiving all club benefits except no printed Octagon by postal mail
2009: The Octagon was again published quarterly and printed using glossy paper with 8 full color pages by Leesburg Printing in Florida2012: The Octagon was published with 16 color pages by Johnson Press in Pontiac, Illinois
2016: The Octagon was published in full color on all pages.
2022: The last printed Octagon was published but continued to be sent by email
2023: The eOctagon becomes the Octagon and is sent by email
as well as being available to members on the club website


1975: American MGB Association (AMGBA) founded by Rick Horan & John Giannasca in New York; Bruce Magers started Chicago chapter and it joined AMGBA
1978: Frank Ochal joined Chicago chapter at Chicago Auto Show
1979: At GOF in Cooperstown, New York, Rick Horan transferred AMGBA to Steve Glochowsky and Frank Ochal
1982: AMGBA Office in Schaumburg opened; Margie Johnson (now Springer) became Secretary
1984: Steve Glochowsky stepped down and Frank Ochal became President with Bruce Magers as Treasurer and Vice-President with Margie Johnson (now Springer) as Secretary in Milwaukee organizational meeting
1985: AMGBA Office moved to Margie Springer's apartment in Elk Grove Village, Illinois
1991: AMGBA Office moved to 5875 N. Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois
2002: eMembership offered at a reduced rate with members receiving all club benefits except no printed Octagon received by postal mail
2015: AMGBA Office closed on Lincoln - items moved to Frank Ochal's and Bruce Magers' homes in Illinois
2022: Bruce Magers retired as Vice-President and Treasurer. Margie Springer retired from the Secretary position. Frank Ochal continued as editor of the Octagon sent by email (and available on
the club website) to the club membership

List of American MGB Association Meets and Conventions

1. 1978 - Chicago, IL

2. 1979 - Ithaca, NY

3. 1980 - Glens Falls, NY

4. 1981 - Indianapolis, IN

5. 1982 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

6. 1983 - Lake Tahoe, CA

7. 1984  - Boulder, CO

8. 1985 - Santa Barbara, CA and Abingdon, IL

9. 1986 - San Antonio, TX

10. 1987 - Saratoga Springs, NY

11. 1988 - Kansas City, MO

12. 1989 - Springfield, OR

13. 1990 - Atlanta, GA

14. 1991 - Chicago, IL

15. 1992 - Palo Alto, CA

16. 1993 - Keene, NH

17. 1994 - San Diego, CA

18. 1995 - Memphis, TN

19. 1996 - Indianapolis, IN

20. 1997 - Palo Alto, CA

21. 1998 - Charlotte, NC

22. 1999 - Los Angeles, CA

23. 2000 - Armagh, PA

24. 2001 - Houston, TX

25. 2002 - Palo Alto, CA

26. 2003 - Titusville, FL

27. 2004 - Cape Cod, MA

28. 2005 - San Diego, CA

29. 2006 - Rocks State Park, MD

30. 2007 - Charlotte, NC

31. 2008 - Armagh, PA

32. 2009 - Fresno, CA

33. 2010 - Sussex, WI

34. 2011 - Dayton, OH

35. 2012 - Ocean Grove, NJ

36. 2013 - Natchez, MS

37. 2014 - Stowe, VT

38. 2015 - Myrtle Beach, SC

39. 2016 - Waynesboro, VA

40. 2017 - Fairhope, AL

41. 2018 - Lahaska, PA

42. 2019 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Meet 2020 not held due to the Coronavirus pandemic

43. 2021 - Chicago (Palatine), IL

Future Meets: suspended due to continuing
pandemic and aging of staff making cross
 country travelling in an MG difficult

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