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American MGB Association Blog

AMGBA Meet 2016 and the Shenandoah Valley British Car Festival

The American MGB Association (AMGBA) held its 39th annual meet in Waynesboro, Virginia this year from September 30 thru October 1, 2016. The event was held in conjunction with "The Shenandoah Valley British Car Festival" which has been going for the past 35 years.

The 2 day event began with a Friday night reception that had videos in the background and was an opportunity to get together with old friends or meet new ones. The Car Show on Saturday offered music, door prizes, and food. Waynesboro is the home of Fishburne Military Academy and is only minutes from the famous and scenic Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. These are a joy to drive, and offered a beautiful view of the fall foliage. Thanks to Mike FitzGeorge and Mark Brown for their cooperation in organizing this event.

The AMGBA officers were kept busy throughout the car show with member inquires as well as signing up new members for the association.

Next year's meet is still in the planning stage. Keep an eye on our web site ( or in future issues of the Octagon for details. This year's MGB, MGB-GT and Midget winners are as follows:

CLASS K - MG Midgets/Austin-Healey Sprites

1. Bill Krzastek, '59 Austin- Healey Sprite, Waynesboro, VA
2. Jorge Antezana, '74 MG Midget, Corapeake, NC


1. Craig Cummings, '69 MGC-GT, Williamsburg, VA
2. Gary Edwards, '71 MGB-GT, Kernersville, VA


1. Jimmy Harris, AC Greyhound, Middleburg, VA


1. John & Cindy Hull,'66 MGB, Palmyra, VA
2. Jim & Ellen Conley, '69 MGB, Troy, VA
3. Greg Hastings, '71 MGB, Roanoke, VA


1. Greg & Donna Jones, '80 MGB LE, Eagle Rock, VA
2. Peter Kareski, '77 MGB, Front Royal, VA
3. Kenny Grandle, '80 MGB, Unionville, VA

1st place Chrome Bumper MGB - the '66 B of
John & Candy Hull from Palmyra, Virginia

2nd place Chrome Bumper MGB - the '69 B of
Jim & Ellen Conley from Troy, Virginia

2nd place MIDGET - the '74 Midget of
Jorge Antezana from Corapeake, North Carolina

2nd place Rubber Bumper MGB - the '77 B of
Peter Kareski from Front Royal, Virginia

2nd place B-GT - the '71 B-GT of
Gary Edwards from Kernersville, North Carolina

3rd place Rubber Bumper MGB - the '80 MGB of
Kenny Grandle from Orange, Virginia

3rd place CHROME BUMPER MGB - '71 B of Greg & Mary Hastings from Roanoke, Virginia

1st place Rubber Bumper MGB - the '80 MGB LE of
Greg & Donna Jones from Eagle Rock, Virginia

3rd place CHROME BUMPER MGB - '71 B of
Greg & Mary Hastings from Roanoke, Virginia

The American MGB Association (AMGBA) is North America's oldest, largest and best cub for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets.  It was established in 1975 and has provided continuous services to owners of MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets throughout North America since then. National conventions have been held annually since 1978 from New York to California and Texas to Canada. Membership in the AMGBA is not required to attend but it is encouraged. For membership info call 773-769-7084, email: , website: or write to: AMGBA, 5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640 U.S.A. Membership is $35 per year or $45 per year outside the U.S.A.



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