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Coil Springs  

Q:     I am somewhat new to the hobby of British Cars, so my knowledge is limited. I have been watching your YouTube videos for several years and actually met you last year when you visited the South Alabama British Car Club. I have a question I am hoping you could help me with. I re-built the front suspension on a 71 MGB-GT. I cleaned everything and replaced all the bushing and washers and also replaced some worn out components, include the suspension frame.

Everything went back together beautifully and functions as it should. But …. I used parts from the front end of a roadster (not sure if it was a rubber or chrome bumper car). All of the parts looked identical to the ones I was replacing, so I felt comfortable using them.

My question is regarding the coil springs. I used the nice looking springs from the Roadster. But now my front is sitting low. So I am wondering if the coil springs are different between a roadster and a GT. If they are different, is that why the front of my car is low? (Or could it be the front suspension frame?) Is the suspension frame different between a roadster and a GT? I used the frame from the Roadster on the GT.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me. I have asked members in the club and have gotten different answers.

Ben Cummings

A:     The height of the car, from the ground to the bottom of the chrome strip, should be equal – the same on all four corners. A variation of " is not worrisome or noticeable. It’s not uncommon to purchase new rear springs that are too stiff which will hold the back end too high.

The front coil springs change several times throughout production years AND between the roadster and the GT. The only real difficultly in refitting your old springs is removing the anti-sway bar link from the A Arm and spring pan.

Your suspension is basically the same as a 1950 TD and a 1980 MGB and many of the components remain the same though out those years and models! The crossmember is the same between the GT and roadster. A rubber bumper crossmember is very different from the earlier ones and would set the front of your MGB perhaps two inches higher

New coil springs are relatively inexpensive and the quality is OK.

Hope this helps a bit! If you’ve got a further question, just call me.


John H Twist
University Motors Online
100 East Beltline Avenue SE
Grand Rapids MI 49506-2410
Cell 616 307 6737

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