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Title: Noise from Under Car
Post by: december2020 on November 14, 2020, 05:08:26 PM
I am not sure you answer questions from abroad but thought I would try asking as you are extremely knowledgeable on MG's.
I have '78 MGB roadster with 72K on the odometer. Good condition. One owner before myself.

I have had the car five years.

The problem:

When the car engine is cold I can pull away no problem all good. But when it gets to operating temperature you get a click or light clunk from somewhere midships or forward left side I believe. It only does it when pulling away during/after releasing the clutch. No other symptoms. It literally is a momentary click and it does not do it again until I stop at lights or something then pull away again and 'click'.

I think the suspension joints are OK and lubed. I wondered if it was pads in the brakes but I inspected and checked them for movement. Also wondered if it was something in the clutch but it does not do it all the time and the clutch works fine. Ally wheels not spoked.

It is elusive in that I cannot locate exactly where the noise is coming from whilst driving. Otherwise the car drives great. The click has been with the car since I have had it.

I wondered with your vast knowledge if you have any possible suggestions what that click may be. Any info would be most appreciated.

Peter O'Connor
Title: Re: Noise from Under Car
Post by: JohnTwist on November 14, 2020, 05:30:27 PM
If it is heat that makes a difference, then it's probably not the suspension.   My guess would be the exhaust as that is on the left side of the vehicle.  But what about the exhaust is causing the click / clunk?  There is a strap between the exhaust and the joint of the engine/gearbox which is sometimes missing and often loose.  If you can get underneath (just jack up the left hand side) you can grab the cold exhaust and push it back and forth -- that might give you a hint as to the source of the noise.  When you are starting off, the engine tips to the right (opposite direction of crank rotation) which might cause a clamp or strap to shift.  Let me know what you find!

Hope this little bit helps.  Roger Parker from the MGOC will probably weigh in on this since he's just up the road from you.

John Twist

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