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Title: Windshield Side Pillar Bolt Removal
Post by: 2022 on May 07, 2022, 11:32:19 AM
I may know this answer already but worth asking.

I'm replacing my windscreen on the '76 B. Is there a method to remove the side pillar bolts to the body?

I have the two front bolts removed, towards front of the car. The two at the corners of the dash are harder to access. Is there a trick or does the dash need to be removed?


Title: Re: Windshield Side Pillar Bolt Removal
Post by: JohnTwist on May 07, 2022, 12:14:41 PM
There are six bolts which hold the screen in place.  Two on each pillar, and two in the center.  Sometimes you can gain access more easily by removing the brake light warning switch on the left and the glovebox on the right.  With the dash in place it's a bugger!  Removing the dash is a Herculean task.  You should change the gasket between the frame and body.  Let the screen sit on the car for a day or so with the gasket correctly placed. 

Warm weather is your friend as that gasket makes refitting the screen a task, to say the least.  We would use clamps, although getting them to stay put was always a problem since everything's a compound curve -- or we would use a couple of guys pushing down on the pillar.  It's a struggle to be sure.

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