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Title: Univertsity Motors Technical Seminars
Post by: amgba on November 18, 2008, 07:43:02 PM
        University Motors, the MG specialists, have announced their 2009 Technical Seminar offering.  One seminar and three workshops will be presented throughout the first weeks in February.  John Twist of University Motors and Carl Heideman of Eclectic Motorworks will lead the weekend seminar "Tuning for Speed."  Participants in this three day event will learn how to properly tune an MG; what techniques and products actually work (and which do not!); all designed to show how to extract the last few horsepower from that gallon of gasoline.  This seminar is informative, dynamic, and fun filled!  Participants owning other British cars will be able to use the techniques shown on their Triumphs, Healeys, etc. 
        Three workshops are offered.  The first is the rebuild of a T series XPAG engine.  John Twist will start with two tables of cleaned parts, assemble sub units, and finally assemble the engine -- and start it on the bench.  This workshop is a must for anyone considering rebuilding his own T Type engine.  Another workshop is the gearbox rebuild.  Each student brings his own gearbox, disassembles it, cleans and inspects it, and rebuilds the unit within two days.  The last workshop is for carburetters/ distributors.  Again, the participant brings his own carbs and ignition system and rebuilds them under the watchful eyes of the University Motors staff.
        Since the first seminar in 1983, University Motors has graduated nearly 1500 "MGineers" through 26 years of various lecture seminars and workshops.  Several years ago one MG owner from Pittsburgh remarked that this had been "the most exciting weekend of his life."  Contact University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at (616) 682 0800 or through their website

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