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Title: New Club Members
Post by: amgba on January 14, 2009, 06:54:09 PM
This section highlights some of the new members that have joined the club the last 2 months and is the same list that appears in the latest Octagon club magazine. Welcome to the Club!

Recent members names may appear later.

William B. McCoy, Ingleside, Texas
William has as a '76 maroon MGB.

Sandra Jackson, Atlanta, Georgia
Sandra has a '75 red B.

Joseph Marasco, Rochester, New York
Joseph has a '78 orange B.

George Furst, Daejeon, South Korea
George has a '73 teal blue B roadster.

Paul Koch, Port Angeles, Washington

Ronald Bauerle, Greensburg, Indiana
Ronald has a '77 flamenco red B and a '56 iris blue MGA roadster.

John Upperco, Orlando, Florida

George E. Galyean, Greenwood, IN
George has a '74 red B-GT.

Keith Roettenbacher, Montrose, PA
Keith has a '69 old English white B.

Ronald Stock, Newton, Wisconsin
Ronald has a '73 B.

Dennis Flancher, Milwaukee, WI
Dennis has a '71 red B.

Rick Beiler, Raleigh, North Carolina

George Gallagher, Moncks Corner, SC
George has a '76 British racing green B roadster.

Kim Shisler, Fredericksburg, Texas
Kim has an '80 red B.

George H. Opshal, Longview, WA

Jason Goodley, Valley View, Texas

Joel W. Slavick, Billings, Montana
Joel has a '68 pale primrose B roadster and a '78 white B roadster.

Stephen Haresky, Syracuse, New York

Tony Mumford, Clearwater, Kansas
Tony has a '72 cheery red B roadster and a '79 white roadster.

Mark Worthington, Byhalia, Mississippi
Mark has a '78 flame red B roadster.

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