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Title: Letters to the Editor
Post by: amgba on January 17, 2009, 02:32:24 PM
I am a professor in the MIT of Korea (KAIST) and brought my MG here 5 years ago when I moved here in 2003. It is the only MGB in South Korea. I see MGFs but they are rare too. I have owned the car for 18 years. It was made 13-14 December 1972. When I arrived here they put a new serial number on the car frame. I think it also is one of the oldest cars in Korea. The car is very original with all the pollution control installed and no rust. It passed the pollution control test with flying colors. They had expected it to fail and were very surprised. I do most of the work myself  as it is a mystery car to the mechanics here. Korea's car culture is limited to new cars but I often am followed by people who want to know what it is. I was offered $20,000 for it to become the center display in a Seoul Night Club having a British theme. I would not sell it as I really love the car. Drivers here are very aggressive so I must be very careful when I have it on the roads. The fall and Spring are wonderful times to drive and the mountain roads are great for top down driving. I have done a history of the car and know the owners back to '78.

It was sold in St. Louis, Missouri in the fall of '74. The car spent most of its time in the Texas Pan-Handle area so it is rust free but full of Texas dust. Fuel is $6 per gallon. I must pay extra insurance as it is considered a dangerous car since it is a sports car. There are no antique plates here. I look forward to being your first car owner in this part of the world.

George Furst