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Title: Voltage Regulator
Post by: december2006 on January 16, 2007, 12:58:35 AM
I ordered a replacement voltage regulator for my 77 MGB through Victoria British. The regulator presently on my alternator has only two wires - a black and a yellow. The replacement (from SENTEX, Fair Sun Industrial Co.) has four wires: black, yellow, red, and white. Does anyone know where I can get a schematic as to how to hook this replacement up ? Although I rechecked the part number, could I have gotten the wrong regulator ?

Thank You


Title: Re: Voltage Regulator
Post by: amgba on January 16, 2007, 02:23:39 AM
The internal regulators on the Lucas alternators vary greatly are really serial number specific. Many will work interchangeably, but certainly not all. My advice would be to take it to a Lucas-knowledgeable alternator shop either for advice or proper repair.
Art Isaacs