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Window Removal

Started by september2018, August 22, 2018, 09:26:54 PM

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I'm putting the doors back together and have forgotten how the windows came out. What is the procedure to reinstalling the glass? It looks like the vent window assembly is last to go in?
Noel Tetrev


Drop the regulator assembly into the door first.  Then fit the vent window.
Attach the regulator assembly loosely.  Roll the glass onto the bottom track rollers.  Then install the rear track.  Then tighten up the regulator.

Finally adjust the rear track so the window rolls up and down without binding or excessive free play.  The first door will take three hours.  The second about half a hour.  The learning curve is fast.

Hope this helps!

John Twist
Safety Fast!
John H Twist
University Motors Online
100 East Beltline Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49506


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