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Speedometer Leak


Thanks in advance for any help or advice. I have a 1971 Midget that continues to leak from the speedometer drive. It does not seem to be from the drive gear shaft seal. The oil is not dripping from the cable it seems to be leaking from the nylon drive housing and running down the case. I removed it several times but I am not sure what the issue is.

I called Moss Motors and they donít see a seal or o ring gasket etc. for the housing. One of the techs at Spridget Mania said it uses a copper washer that they canít get. I donít think a nylon threaded part would use a copper seal but maybe it would use a fiber washer? Thanks again

Richard Wahl
Lancaster PA

Victoria British lists a seal for the 948/1098 speedo drive housings.  I don't have my books available to me (they are all still in storage), so I cannot be certain of all of this -- but here are some suggestions.

Yes, there is a copper washer -- but that is not necessary if you use a slight amount of gasket sealer (Permatex - The Right Stuff) around the base where it mates with the gearcase.   It seems to me that the earlier housings are brass (the ones that hold a seal).  You could find one of those and substitute it for the plastic housing.  You can purchase oil dye (from NAPA - it is a Balkamp item), introduce it into the gearbox, then examine the offending area with a blacklight to see EXACTLY where the leak originates.

Hope some of this helps!
John Twist
Safety Fast!


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