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Hood (Bonnet) Latch

Started by december2019, November 09, 2019, 02:33:26 PM

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Ellen and I are new members of the  American MGB Association. We recently acquired a 1978 MGB in a sort of barn find. Though not run for 20 years, it was driven to the house where we found it. It appears that there is nothing missing from this car, and it is in reasonable condition for a 20 year semi covered park. The biggest problem we currently have is that the bonnet/hood will not open.
The pull cable is in the dashboard but it will not move. The hand latch at the bonnet front will move but to no avail. I have put my hand up to the latch from under the car but though I can feel the plunger, and the round plunger receptacle,  I  cannot find the opening latch, nor the cable to operate it.

I have researched this issue on line with mixed results. Most articles assume that the bonnet has been opened, or that the reader knows what and where things are - the article suggesting the use of a long bar through the grill/mesh being one.

Have you any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

Stuart Wilson
Forsyth, Georgia


The bonnet cable approaches the bonnet latch release from the LH side (RH, as you stand in front of the vehicle).  The outer cable abuts a sheet metal stop.  The inner cable continues farther right and wraps around the bonnet latch assembly and then turns back on itself.  The bonnet latch is pulled to the left (right as you see it).  I can understand how it would be difficult to see in there.  You should be able to force the release lever to YOUR right and the bonnet should pop up.  Spraying EVERYTHING with WD-40 / Breakaway / PB Blaster may help and will do no harm.

I do NOT have a video about doing this.  Call if you need encouragement!

Hope this helps!
John H Twist
John H Twist
University Motors Online
100 East Beltline Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49506


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