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Meet the New Members!

Started by amgba, January 11, 2021, 08:53:41 PM

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This topic highlights some of the new members that have joined the club (not the message board) recently and is the same list that appears in the latest printed Octagon club magazine. Welcome to the Club! Recent members may appear in a subsequent topic.

Phil Panici, Chicago Heights, Illinois

James B. Williams Jr., Albuquerque, NM
James has a '74 green B roadster.

C. Robert Heina, Sterling, Virginia
C. Robert has a '75 B roadster.

Corby & Micki McCrory, Burleson, Texas
They have a '77 red B roadster.

Richard Dragoo, Mapleton, Illinois

Alfred North, Warwick, Rhode Island

Paul T. Edelman, Midlothian, Virginia
Paul has  a '69 British racing green B roadster, a '74 British racing green B roadster and a 1960 MGA.

Len Ross, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Len has a '77 green B.

Michael Bozek, Luzern, Pennsylvania
Michael has a '79 green B.

Robert Walters II, Richmond, Virginia

Tad Gropp, Spokane, Washington
Tad has a '65 British racing green B roadster.

Howard Diamond, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - He has a '78 russet brown B.

Thomas Miller, Bellows Falls, Vermont
Tom has a '72 British racing green B roadster and a '67 B-GT.  He now has had 6 MGs including 2 MGAs and a TD.

Gregory Lyn, Glenn Dale, Maryland

Dennis C. Kabba, La Pine, Oregaon
Dennis has a '74 red B roadster.

Michale Olsen, Leaf River, Illinois
Michale has a '74 blue B  and a '71 green B-GT.

Michael Souhrada, LeClaire, Iowa
Membership was a gift from his son, Charles.

Ralph Day, Chico, California

Wayne Truax, Reston, Virginia
Wayne has an '80 red B and is the author of  "Mouse, the Man and the MGB" which we will have a book report on in a future issue of the Octagon.

Jim Wales, Chicago, Illinois
Jim has a '78 yellow B.

William H Butler III, Amherst, New Hampshire - He has a '66 mineral blue B roadster and a '70 B.R.G. Midget Mark III.
American MGB Association
phone/text: 773-769-7084

North America's oldest and largest club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs & Midgets.  A nonprofit organization founded in 1975 and offers color magazines, emagazines, technical advice, member recommendations on service shops, registration of your MG, a tradition of service & FREE member classified ads that appear in the magazine & on the website.

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