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MG Midget Camshaft Bearings

Started by march2022, February 08, 2022, 01:15:27 AM

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I need 1979 MG Midget camshaft bearings. Where can you get them?
Rich Timian


The 1500 Midget engine doesn't have cam bearings – the cam runs in the cast iron block.  What we did on a complete rebuild was to fit the cam bearings from the 1300 engine.  Those fit right into the holes in the 1500 block – BUT – the 1500 cam won't fit.  So, you have to reduce the diameter of the three cam journals on a lathe.  It's necessary to duplicate the scroll on the front (?) bearing so oil gets up to the head for the rockers. 

It's a project getting it all right, but gosh – how can you NOT do it?

Drill out the oil gallery to the center main (5/16 instead of ¼, which doubles the cross section) – draw out the distributor boss first with a threaded rod – DO NOT hit it!

Align bore the bottom end. Add a second thrust washer into the block on the rear side of the rear main bearing.  Set up the end float to 0.002-0.003 – NOT the 0.010 the workshop manual suggests.

Hope this helps. SAFETY FAST!
John H Twist
John H Twist
University Motors Online
100 East Beltline Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49506


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