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Oil Separator

Started by 2022, August 09, 2022, 12:12:16 PM

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Is the oil separator line needed any more on the 1980? This is item 57 in the Moss book 1979-1980 emissions.

On my gulp valve, I had the small hose coming from the manifold to the valve, with a t fitting with a hose coming from the brake master cylinder.  I plugged that directly into the manifold. Correct connection?  I don't have a vacuum line from my carb.

Thank you.


Plumb your vacuum advance directly from the intake manifold to the distributor.  Then, disconnect the unfused circuit that controls the TCSA switch.  You'll find it at the junction of the main, rear, and gearbox looms at the rear of the right front inner fender, forward of the washer solvent container.  It is a WHITE/BROWN sometimes in the blue-wrapped loom running down to the gearbox, sometimes it's a WHITE wire encased in a black sleeve paralleling the gearbox loom.  If you have overdrive, splice a 10 amp in-line fuse in the wire.

The engine needs to be vented.  That oil separator line needs to be vented into the air cleaner.  If there is not a fitting on the air filter housing, then create a fitting with a barbed fitting through the air cleaner mesh.  .

Hope this helps!
John H Twist
John H Twist
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