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Author Topic: Restorer advice needed 1979 Midget  (Read 3691 times)

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Restorer advice needed 1979 Midget
« on: December 11, 2007, 04:09:18 PM »
Good Evening All:
I have a 1979 Midget in need of restoration, however, I have no idea how to find a reasonable and more reliable than not, restorer within a reasonable distance from Delaware. I am NOT a mechanic. I am not a particular car buff. I just have this little car that I enjoy enormously that needs some TLC and I don't want to get overly screwed in the process of having work done.
Can anyone offer me any advice on how to select  a restoration shop? Anything I should look to find or look to avoid? Heck, any advice of any sort would be helpful.


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Re: Restorer advice needed 1979 Midget
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2007, 03:39:40 AM »
MG Midgets are not complicated cars, but there are aspects of them that need the proper knowledge to fix correctly.  It depends on what you might need to restore your car to the standard of "enjoyable/usable" that you want.  If it is more than cosmetic (addressing dents, paint and upholstery), it is better to use someone familiar with the marque.  The best ones are not cheap, but their work is better and more lasting.  If you are looking to keep costs down, you also do not want to be shipping or driving your car too far from home.

That said, first contact your local MG car clubs and see who they use and their experiences.  You might find that if it is just bodywork you need, a good collision shop rather than an MG specialist may do as good a job for less.  For example, when I lived in Central NJ, I used a collision shop that did a lot of custom work as well as collision repair and did it very well.  This was Steve Ficcaro's in Ewing, NJ (609-883-1887) on Industrial court off Route 1. In Bristol, PA (Rt 13 just outside of Trenton, NJ) is British Miles (215-736-9300).  This is a shop that does full restorations and can provide new, rebuilt or used parts (they have a yard full of cars for parting-out).   

I am sure there are several MG specialist in Maryland, PA and NJ near Delaware that the club members should be able to help you find.  First determine what you need.

I hope this helps you.  Write if you have any questions or need advice while talking to the shops.

Art Isaacs
AMGBA Tech Staff


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