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Author Topic: New MGB-GT owner needs help with VIN  (Read 3436 times)

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New MGB-GT owner needs help with VIN
« on: December 27, 2007, 04:00:57 PM »
Greetings all....

My father in law, bless his heart, just turned over stewardship of his trusty 67 B-GT to me.  She's a runner, with 95K miles on her and, mercifully, the only rust is a very slight bubbled area on the inner rear panel below the hatch.  I plan to pick her up next weekend and move her from Rockville MD to our home in Arlington VA.  Ultimately I'll give the old girl a complete freshening up.

Query -- I've owned and restored a handful of LBCs before (mostly Triumphs -- hey, don't shoot me!  At least I'm moving in the right direction with the B-GT).  Anyway, the VIN # is GHD3L101918.  Is there any information the list members can discern from this that would be interesting or helpful to me?  I plan to join as a member, but was curious about the VIN.  Is it a Mk I or a Mk II?  My understanding is the model change over was 1967, so which is it?  Also, can anyone recommend a good restoration manual or two that are the most useful?  When I started restoring Triumphs in the 80s, I bought about a dozen books, but ended up using only two or three for 90% of my reference material.

Otherwise, she's in fine fettle.  White, with the black interior (I think they were all black in 67, no?).  4 speed, no over drive.  Body straight, dahs looks brand new, rest of interior is usable for now but will be part of the freshening up.  She runs well enough to make the 20 mile drive home.  Anyway, thanks for any responses.



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