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Interior Colors

Started by carolina_mg, August 12, 2008, 08:24:25 PM

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I am working on restoration of a 1972 MGB RD and am researching original color combinations. My car was evidently Teal Blue paint with a dark brown interior (autumn leaf?), but interested to know what color carpet went with this. I find many guides on exterior paint colors by year but nothing on interior color options by year. Is this data available??



I looked up your color in the Original MGB and it says that Teal Blue cars for 1972 had Autumn Leaf as the interior color. This would not be a dark brown but more like a medium lite brown. The next year changed the interior color that went with Teal Blue (my favorate color) to an Ochre trim color. It was not popular and was very short lived.


I noticed that I didn't answer your question. The carpets would also be Autumn Leaf in color. Usually all the components of the interior are of a similar color.  Hope that helps, George Furst

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