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Finishing the trunk

Started by gfurst, April 10, 2009, 08:01:14 PM

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I found a wonderful way to finish your trunk and at the same way do something for the environment. We all know that the better cars have a lined trunk. I have never seen a MGB with a lined Boot lid. Well there is a material that I found at COSTCO that is perfect not only for the trunk but also for the hood. It is called OZITE Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. It comes in a 6 X 9 foot rug that is made from recycled plastic bottles (about 50 bottles in each rug) so you also do something for the environment when you use this material. It is tough, easily cut with sheers or a knife and the best part is the thickness is perfect for this job. First I cut it into two pieces each half the size of the lid and was able to sip the material under the trunk lid metal reinforcement and line the lid. I used a little rubber cement to fix it on the lid. It really looks good and is light too. Then I cut it to fit the different parts of the trunk. If you want you can use valcro tape as it sticks very well to the material. I put the softer siden toward the metal with the smooth side out. I am really pleased and it was not expensive either. I think around fifteen dollars and it did the trunk and hood. If you look at other options, this is a savings of over one hundred dollars over the kits and it was an easy 4 hour installation time. For the complex shapes in the trunk I recommend cutting them out with paper first as a templet then cutting the rug material. There is enough material for two or three cars too. Sincerely, George Furst

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