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MG Flaired Fenders

Started by p300mom, April 14, 2009, 09:40:49 PM

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I purchased a 1970 MG Convertible from the original owners. The fenders are slightly flaired. Was that a special request when purchasing an MG in 1970 or after market?


Unless you have one of the factory prepared race cars, flaired fenders on an MGB would have been done aftermarket. 

Some flairs were done by local shops heating and faring or welding pieces onto the OEM steel fenders.  And there were kits either grafting steel or fiberglass flairs onto modified stock fenders or outright replacing the front wings/rear quarters with steel, fiberglass or, more recently, ABS plastic pieces with flairs. 

On the question about removing the front bumper, unless it too was modified, a chrome bumper should be attached to the body only at the ends (a bent sheetmetal bracket with a captive nut, the bolt coming from inside the splash pan/fender well through a rubber grommet) and the main brackets to the chassis with (4) through bolts underneath the car, coming sideways through the brackets and forward chassisjust behind the center front of the car, below the oil cooler/in front of the radiator.

These (6) bolts removed, the bumper should pull straight out as an assembly with all bracket and over riders intact.

The rear of the 1970 is unique - a split bumper with (4) attachment points - (1) each at the centers (inner ends of each half) and the other in the standard location for all other chrome bumper cars just below the taillamps.  On the rear you also need to watch for the license lamp wires.

On the fenders, you will have to get me some photos as I do not know what you have.  Each f the aftermarket kits was diffierent.  You can post them here or send me those at

I hope that helps you.

Art Isaacs
AMGBA Tech Staff

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