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Author Topic: New Club Members  (Read 4048 times)

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New Club Members
« on: April 10, 2010, 11:42:19 AM »
This topic highlights some of the new members that have joined the club the since the last issue of the Octagon and is the same list that appears in the latest Octagon club magazine. Welcome to the Club!

Recent members names may appear later.

Greg Azeltine, Mission Viejo, California
Greg has a  '76 sandburn gold B roadster.

Tsunami, Deerfield, Illinois

Timothy R. Lehman, Springfield, PA
Timothy has a '70 glacier white B roadster.

Harry Scarratt, Marietta, Georgia
He has a red '67 B.

R. D. Williams, Laurel Springs, NC
R.D. has a '73 blue B roadster.

David Montcrief, Tulsa, Oklahoma
David has a '77 green B.

Armand E. Breard, Monroe, Louisiana
Armand has a '74 maroon B.

Marty VanDarKArr, Glenview, Illinois
Mary has a '77 red B.

Michael Leathermann, Plain City, Ohio
Michael has a '64 dove Midget and a '74 tundra B-GT.

Robert Zambreno, Downers Grove, IL
Robert has a '77 orange B.

John A. Perrella, Baldwin, Maryland
John has a '79 orange soon to B.R.G. B roadster.

Frank Voight, Bellevue, Nebraska
Frank has a '79 green B.

Clifford Feldman, Washington, DC

Stanley Bohdanowicz, E. Otis, MA
Stanley has a '70 white B-GT.

Chris Holland, Wood River, Illinois
Chris has a '79 white B and a '64 red B.

John McLaughlin, Somerville, MA

Roger Threlfall, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Roger has a '69 red B.
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