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Installing brake servo in '65 B

Started by bobjones, September 18, 2006, 05:25:44 PM

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I have an AP Braking HR 118 Servo Inst Kit 33L I'd like to install in my '65 MGB roadster. The booster is BIG and doesn't seem to match the three hole bracket -- it has two studs out the back of the servo unit. I'm sure that I could hammer enough room (just barely) to fit it in the space where my windscreen washer sat but before "cutting to fit and modifying to suit" I thought I'd drop a line and see if anyone knew of pictures or instruction sheets for this job on the web.

I found a site: that has good instructions but their servo and mine seem different in that mine seems a bit bigger and theirs is in a right-hand-drive MGB -- more room.

Their instructions indicate that the cylinder should face inwards at an angle of 15 degrees and the filter housing should face upwards and slightly forward.

That would really complicate my installation. So:

1. how critical is the 15 degrees? (My bracket is at 22 degrees)

2. what difference where the filter faces?

Thanks in advance.

Bob :(

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