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Radiator Splash Guard and Hood Insulation

Started by september2011, August 09, 2011, 08:43:53 PM

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I have a question regarding the splash guard that's under the radiator which is made out of hard board. What and how do you clean that up. Ours seems to be all spotted (water stains) and I would like to make it look better.

Do they paint that or is there something else they use.  If it's paint what kind is used?

Also what kind of glue do they use for under the hood to glue that felt.

Thank you!

Flo Cyr


Hi Flo,

That cardboard piece is difficult to restore and original ones even harder to find.  

Replacements seem to be only of ABS or similar materials, which are more durable, but not original.

If your original is still in good shape, but just stained, I'd gingerly clean it up and use a similar color oil based paint to hide the stains and preserve it.  

Being cardboard, you do not want to soak it heavily with paint as it may soften and fall apart.  Several light coats allowed to dry in between should do it.  I use Rustoleum, either a satin finish or semi-flat black on many of the underside components.  

The semi-flat has a softer finish than satin and tends to look like the factory undercoating.  Either are great for preserving the undercarriage and would look good on the apron.

On the insulation pads, I've tried the suggested glues and contact cements, but they all seem to succumb to the heat and I find the pads laying on the engine.  

I found using an RTV type silicon adhesive (clear color, but make sure it is adhesive and not just caulk) or the "Liquid Nails" (made for adhering panels and boat parts together) type products work the best for me.  A bear to remove if you have to replace those insulation panels (solvent does not remove them), but they do stand up to the heat and weather very well.  

I hope that helps you.  

Safety Fast!

Art Isaacs
AMGBA Tech Staff

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