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Author Topic: American MGB Association Octagon Advertisers and Sponsors  (Read 15800 times)

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American MGB Association Octagon Advertisers and Sponsors
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:08:41 PM »
These are the people and services that help bring information to our club members by advertising in our club publication, the Octagon.  Please support them.

Abingdon Spares, 1-800-225-0251,
    they now carry a complete line of MGB parts

Apple Hydraulics, 1-800-882-7753,
    shock absorbers, brakes, carburetors

APT Instruments, 1-877-856-7103 (toll free),
    Smiths instruments, gauges for British cars

British Wiring, 1-866-461-9050,
    wiring harnesses, wire and terminals for all British classic cars & motorcycles

British Car Specialists, 209-948-8767,
    restoration, service, repairs, parts for British cars

British Car Parts & Restoration, 951-678-4182, Lake Elsinore, CA
    restorations, parts and service for all British cars

Little British Car Company, 1-800-637-9640,
    British car parts, their service puts them apart from the rest

Moss Motors, 1-800-667-7872,   
    parts, tech tips and more!

Northwest Import Parts, 503-245-3806,
    quality parts, knowledgeable and friendly service, same day shipping!

The Roadster Factory, 1-800-234-1104,
    parts for all of your British cars  and will pay your AMGBA dues with qualifying purchases
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