MG Remains a No Show in North America

from the San Diego Tribune

MG’s plan to return to North America with a revamped version of the TF roadster is dead – or at least on hold.

“The USA isn’t on the short-term radar as an anticipated market for us, but with the right product, it would be good to return there,” Gary Hagen, marketing director of NAC MG, told the British Web site Austin Rover Online ( Hagen also confirmed that plans to build MGs in Oklahoma from kits shipped from China have been killed.

Not long after China’s Nanjing Automobile Group Corp. bought most of the remains of MG Rover in September 2005, Nanjing told of plans to set up an R&D center and factory in Ardmore, Okla. Then Nanjing was taken over by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.

“The deal fell through,” Hagen said of the Oklahoma plan. In August, production of MG TFs started in MG Rover’s old plant in Longbridge, England. The cars will be sold in Great Britain.

MGs were last sold in the United States in 1980. Numerous plans have been hatched over the years to return MG to the United States, but none has worked.