MG Vintage Racers “Focus Event” 2010 at Mosport

Since 1995 the MG Vintage Racers have annually teamed up with one vintage racing organization for their designated “Focus Event”.  For it they encourage all their MG racing members (250+) to attend, and they arrange for special MG races at it with the organizers, plus holding some of their own MGVR social functions and awards during the weekend, including awarding of the “MGVR Spirit Award”, also known as “The Big Copper Bucket”.  For 2010, they have accepted the northern hospitality of the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada (VARAC) at their “Vintage Racing Festival” at Mosport International Raceway, in Ontario, just west of Toronto, being held the weekend of June 18-20.   A large turnout of 60+ MGs of all types and years is expected and there will be at least one “All MG” race, possibly more!  All of these racing MGs will compliment the rest of the many vintage racing cars competing at the event.  But two items of note.  Everyone crossing the border into Canada MUST have a valid passport with them.  And since VARAC rules for racers may vary from your home club rules for car and driver requirements, please check with VARAC to be sure you and your MG comply with their regulations.  This event is shaping up to be one super weekend for racers and spectators alike!

Contacts:  VARAC on the web at or Stefan Wiesen, VARAC Race Director at; MG Vintage Racers on the web at, or MGVR Newsletter Editor Chris Meyers at editor@mgvr, or tel: 860-490-5950.

’74 Midget of Tom & Lynette Hummel

'74 Midget of Tom & Lynette Hummel '74 Midget of Tom & Lynette Hummel Tom and Lynette Hummel became owners of their MG by chance. Tom was visiting his mother when he saw a small red convertible drive by. As he was leaving, he saw the car again. He drove by it slowly and saw a for sale sign on the front seat.

They then took the car for a test drive. The owner gave them a list of problems but they did not matter as they were in love with it already. The next day they bought the car. The owner had the 1974 Midget for five years while she lived down the street from his mom. He had never seen it before that day. The photos show Lynette in the Midget on the day they bought it and the other one is Tom washing the car.