Side Impact Car Crash Damage

There are lots of different types of crash that can be sustained by motor vehicles on the roads and equally there are a number of different parts of the vehicles where the impact of a crash can be sustained. While many people, when they think of car crashes, picture frontal collisions, one of the most common types of motor vehicle crash is actually that of side impact crashes. As the name fairly clearly indicates, this type of crash refers to instances where the crash impacts the side of the vehicle and usually occurs when the front of one car hits the side of another. In fact, although it is not widely assumed to be the case, the damage sustained by both the vehicle and the occupants of it in a side impact crash can actually be more severe than those sustained in either front or rear-end collisions, because there is less buffering and protection offered by the sides of the vehicle than there is by the front or the back.

Amongst the circumstances in which a side impact crash is most likely to occur, the most frequent is at the junction of one road and another, and occurs when the driver of one vehicle pulls out directly into the path of the other. However these types of car crashes can also frequently occur in car parks or if the driver of a vehicle ignores a red light signal. In a number of these circumstances mentioned, the crash is likely to be the result of dangerous or reckless driving on the part of one of the driver involved and – if you are the innocent party in a side impact crash – you may be able to pursue a road accident claim for compensation, by means of a legal firm specialising in these types of cases, such as Road Traffic Accidents.

As mentioned earlier, these crashes can cause more severe damage than front or rear collisions and amongst the injuries they can cause are, head and neck injuries, internal injuries and paralysis.