’76 B of Jeff Louis

An American MGB Association featured car is the Queen B is the ’76 B of Jeff Louis. Here is his story:

I purchased my 1976 MG in Santa Monica California in September 2009. It took a week long journey across the United States from California to Ohio. I am the third owner and the car was 100% original and rust free when I purchased it. It is a 50th Anniversary Edition finished in harvest gold with a black interior and black top. Only North America export MGs, manufactured between June thru December 1975, had the 50th Anniversary trim. This consists of “1925-1975” Badge on the dashboard, gold & black MG Octagon emblems on the boot lid and front bumper and a gold background MG on the steering wheel hub. My MG was manufactured on October 3rd 1975; and the harvest gold is rare for my model year since it was discontinued in December 1975 and replaced with sandglow.

My restoration started with a complete strip down to the bare metal and a fresh repaint of the original harvest gold in a modern basecoat clearcoat process. My engine had almost 100K on the odometer and was equipped with the California Emissions package. I completely rebuilt the engine and replaced the single Zenith Stromberg carburetor with a Dual SU carburetor set up from a 1969 MG B donor car. I also equipped my MG with a Falcon stainless steel exhaust system. I also restored my interior with a new set of carpet and new foam for the seats. To add to the originality of my car, I added an original British Leyland Bendix radio I purchased on an on line auction.

I am very excited to have my MG B finished in time for the upcoming summer driving season. My MG B is a 50th Anniversary edition and we shared the same milestone in 2013. I celebrated my 50th birthday in July and I can’t think of a better birthday present than driving my harvest gold B.

'76 B of Jeff Louis '76 B of Jeff Louis '76 B of Jeff Louis  '76 B of Jeff Louis