’73 B of Steve Perkins from Franklin, Tennessee

An American MGB Association Queen B is the ’73 B roadster of Steve Perkins from Franklin, Tennessee. Here is the story:

Some of my Nashville British Car Club fellow members have a nice assortment of British Sports Cars in their garages which always include the MGBs. Not having the room or the funds I have only one BUT my 1973 MGB named Ruby goes from a 100% authentic vintage Roadster to a ” historic rendition” of a Street Legal Race Car depending on her frame of mind and the weather. I do attend our local Cars and Coffee Vintage Car Event most Saturdays. When Ruby is in her “pretty Barbie Doll like” convertible costume the young girls line up to sit behind the wheel with their girl friend passenger. When she shows up as the Rally Race Car with window protection nets, etc. the teenage boys take a lot of interest.

It only takes about 20 minutes to do the switch including the custom racing knockoffs.

I do enjoy Ruby with the Split Personality.

Modern MG in Cambodia

Commuting from my hotel to our company office in Phnom Penh Cambodia, I saw this new MG 6 GT Saloon parked.

This is the first modern MG I’ve seen here, so it’s more interesting than if seen in China. It’s new, that itself being unusual as most cars are imported used (particularly from the States) and I have not seen an MG dealership yet. I didn’t see any engine markings, but this model is generally equipped with a 160hp 1.8L gas Turbo engine, good for 120mph.

Used Lexus RX model SUVs and older Toyota Camrys generally dominate the Cambodian landscape. Heavy trucks and buses are mainly Hyundais or Kias with light pick-ups dominated by the Ford Ranger/Mazda Max twins brought in new from Thailand (built and sold in-region for years, they’re similar to what we’ll see as a US Ranger in 2019), along with any manner of used Toyota and Nissan pick-ups and light trucks.

There’s a growing presence and investment in Cambodia by China. Several new Yutong Chinese buses were recently donated by the Chinese government to the city, so this MG is not necessarily surprising and may be a portent of things to come..

Safety Fast!
Art Isaacs