AMGBA Meet 2015 and Myrtle Beach Britfest

The American MGB Association Meet 2015 and the 3rd Annual BRITFEST was by all accounts, a great success! The weather was perfect, we had a great variety of vehicles and the entire event went off without a hitch. Thank you to everyone who registered and a huge thank you to all the volunteers for your tireless and cheerful efforts! Be sure to check out the list of winners below.

After a torrential washout on the originally scheduled date of Oct. 3, 2015 the rescheduled date of October 24, 2015 provided weather that was fantastic … not too hot, not too steamy, just right! And GSBCC (Grand Strand British Car Club) was well represented with almost two thirds of the membership bringing out their shining Brit beauties. We had a DJ handling the music and sound system. Registrations, photos, balloting, raffles, and awards presentations went off remarkably well without any major hitch. So well in fact that other area clubs have asked for our procedures. “Practice makes perfect” as we continue to learn and improve each year. $300 was raised and will be presented to Canine Angels Service Dogs.

Thanks to the following for all of your valuable help and input with making Britfest 2015 a premier GSBCC event:

Committee Members: Jim Hendricks (GSBCC Immediate Past Pres., Advertising and Sponsorships), Greg Hoch (GSBCC Vice President), Rod Smith (GSBCC President, Britfest Show Chair, Location and Logistics), Jim Smith (GSBCC Treas., Awards & Trophies, Dash Plaques, T-Shirts), Bob Puttbach (GSBCC Club Events Chair, Photography), Bill Unger (GSBCC Secretary, Artwork, Promotions, Registrar, Balloting), Stancy Bender (Raffles and Door Prizes), Felicia Sachs (Social Media Editor), Skip Robertson (Signage).

Bill Unger,

Editor, Grand Strand British Car Club Newsletter


MG B (chrome bumper)

1st 1972 MGB Smith, Jim & Neal

2nd 1973 MGB Monteforte, Al & Joanne

3rd 1963 MGB Favro, Bill & Brenda


MG B (rubber bumper)

1st 1977 MGB Castelli, Joe & Arlene

2nd 1979 MGB Hoch, Greg & Patsy

3rd 1977 MGB Morris, Bill & Kathy


MG Midget

1979 MG Midget, Ralph Cozart


50/50 Raffle:

1972 MGB Smith, Jim & Nea


Longest Distance Driver

1979 MGB Gillenwater, Gen


Editor’s Note: As you probably know the original date of October 3 and AMGBA Officers Margie Springer, Bruce Magers and Frank Ochal were only a few hours away from the show location when it was cancelled due to historic rains and flooding. The officers could not return on the rescheduled date due to work, family and time conflicts. We therefore are reprinting accounts of the show that appeared in the Grand Strand British Car Club Newsletter. We appreciate their efforts.

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