'73 B of Art Isaacs

73 B of Art Isaacs
73 B of Art Isaacs

The August 2008 issue’s Queen B is the ’73 B of Art Isaacs of our technical staff. Here is his story:

I am the second owner of this car and bought it for $300 in 1990. It had fortunately been abandoned inside a garage, so rust was not as bad as it could have been. Though there was some minor collision damage to the front and rust along both sills, the car was basically complete and solid and much of the body remains original even now. The dealer emblem on the rear is from the original new car dealer sale. I took on a full rebuild and restoration that took about 3 years to complete. I still consider it a work in progress, as refinements and improvements are always being made. The Hong Kong and China plates are legit and owing to my working there, but just for show in the US. The NJ “QQ” tags are hidden beneath the HK ones. Though never intended as a show car, it is primarily driven for enjoyment, it has consistently garnered 1st and 2nd place in class honors at shows it is entered in. Even after these many years, it continues to be a source of much enjoyment, pride and entertainment.

Back View

The dealer emblem on the rear is from the original sale to an associates’ son when he was a student in Denver. The Hong Kong and China plates are real and owing to my working there and being an active member of the MG Car Club – Hong Kong (the HK club badge is set in the grille), but are just for show and generating interest in a sea of red MGB’s here in the US. The NJ “QQ” tags are hidden beneath the HK ones which are on removable slip plates.


The instrument panel and gauges are all original. I used a coverlay on top and sat hours with black silicon and a toothpick to repair cracks in the vertical face which, 18 years on, are still holding up with the repairs invisible. The steering wheel is a Grant Signature Classic. It is not available from any of the MG catalogs, but from most auto parts chains and the JEGS or JC Whitney catalogs. The MG logo horn button is home made from the plain kit piece, but all else is available for all MGB’s.

Engine in place and trimmed

I modified the Stellings & Hellings air cleaners from the HS application by drilling-out the threaded holes in the back plate so they can be fitted to the HIF carbs. I recently changed to a Pertronix electronic ignition and am very happy with the results.

'73 B of Art Isaacs

'73 B of Art Isaacs

'73 B of Art Isaacs

'73 B of Art Isaacs

3 thoughts on “'73 B of Art Isaacs”

  1. Dear Sir, I am interested in the serial number of your B. I live in Korea and have No. 306345 made in13-14 December ’72. I am interested on comparing the ’73 B numbers. Thank you. By the way I have the only MGB in Korea and it creats a stir where ever I go!!!

  2. Hi George,

    Sorry I did not see this until now. I was living in China until recently and my car was in storage in the US.

    The serial number is 300746G and the build (comission) date was August 1972.

    Practice in the years prior to required titles on new cars in the US was to re-title unshipped/unsold cars as the following year, so even as a 73, this could have been a 72 model sent to the US late.

    When I got it, the car did have a 72 grille and the first owner could not say if that was factory original or added later after a minor accident.

    Sorry for getting back to you so late.


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