’65 Midget of Steve Strublic from Peoria, Arizona

I have had my Midget Mk II since I was three years old (well, my dad owned her) in 1975. He bought the car on a trailer and in boxes. After some mild threats to “get that thing out of the garage,” he put her together and my parents drove round trip from Milwaukee to Atlanta. At one point, it was our only running vehicle and we used it to make grocery runs in the middle of the Wisconsin winter in the Midget.

My dad and I restored her for the first time in 1990 after sitting for almost 10 years due to rust and a cracked head, and I got the keys for my 18th birthday. My wife and I moved to Arizona in 2000, and I drove her until 2004 when she was literally coming apart. I started what became a 14 year bare metal restoration then and finished in October 2018. I did all the work myself aside from engine machine work and some on-car painting lessons, since this is a great car, if you’re interested in this model you can find useful the information found here.

 '65 Midget MK II of Steve Strublic from Peoria, Arizona '65 Midget MK II of Steve Strublic from Peoria, Arizona

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  1. Steve
    I am sending this to you because the AZMGCLUB link appears not to be working can you pass it on?

    Tim Tavani
    8:27 AM (19 minutes ago)
    to mg, info

    Dear club member
    I currently have a 1951 MG YA type that is in need of a new home.
    You can view it on the Y type web site (below).

    https://www.mg-cars.org.uk/imgytr/yaparade.shtml Y6849

    I would like to donate to one of your clubs, so someone who appreciates MG’s gets it.
    I had started to work on it and powered coat the frame replacing the brake line but that is it.
    The car is in many pieces, I have bought wood trim.
    I have all the glass.
    It comes with the engine and xmission both need rebuild.
    The car has 99% of the parts.
    I am mailing this to both Arizona MG Clubs.
    I would like to get it out of my garage by Thanksgiving if you’re interested.
    This is a first come first serve.
    You can contact at: 602-769-5812 days only.

  2. I personally do not know any of our members that would like the car but I have not contacted all or our more than 2000 members.

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