’77 B of Alan Hayward from Mason City, Iowa

I purchased the car in 1982 when it had approximately 35,000 miles on the odometer. I drove the car quite a lot, and by 2005, the odometer read 114,404. By then, the car had gone through one engine rebuild, two repaintings, and was on its third type of carburetor/manifold. The car started with a Zenith/Stromburg, then on to twin SU carburetors, then in 2004 to a Weber carburetor. The car never ran correctly with the Weber carb, and, because of other numerous smaller issues, and a larger issue of impending necessary body work, the car has been in storage since 2005. My girlfriend and I have decided to get the car back on the road, no matter what the cost.

Alan Hayward

'77 B of Alan Hayward from Mason City, Iowa

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