American MGB Association Octagon Adveritsers

These are the people and services that help bring information to our club members by advertising in our club publication, the Octagon.  Please support them.

Insurance, Parts, Service


J. C. Taylor Insurance, 1-888-ANTIQUE,
collector car agreed value insurance


Moss Motors, 1-800-667-7872,
parts, tech tips and more!

Victoria British Ltd., 1-800-255-0088,
great prices on original equipment, reproduction and high performance parts and accessories

Apple Hydraulics, 1-800-882-7753.
shock absorbers, brakes, carburetors

Little British Car Company, 1-800-637-9640,
British car parts, their service puts them apart from the rest

British Wiring, 1-866-461-9050,
wiring harnesses, wire and terminals for all British classic cars & motorcycles

British Automotive, 415-883-7200,
brakes, engines, suspension for MGAs and MGBs

British Car Specialists, 209-948-8767,
restoration, service, repairs, parts for British cars

British Car Part Restoration, 951-678-4182, Lake Elsinore, CA
restorations, parts and service for all British cars

Parts for your MGB, MGB-GT and Midget,
parts for all MGs and other vehicles!

Publications and Literature

Books4Cars, 1-888-380-9277,
books and manuals for all MGs

MG original sales literature, 315-432-8282,
original sales brochures for most cars & trucks

British Marque, 401-766-6920,
car club news from clubs across the country and the U.K.


Dayton Wheel Concepts, 1-800-862-6000,
spline drive wheel restoration

Christopher’s Complete Car Service, 609-399-2824, Ocean City, NJ
car service for all cars

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