Editor's Desk – December 2006 Octagon

Welcome to the new members that have joined since the last issue. We would like to thank all the contributors to this issue of the Octagon. Be sure to send in photos and stories so we can include them in future issues of the Octagon.The 29th Annual AMGBA Meet for 2006 was held in conjunction with the 27th Annual MGs on the Rocks in Rocks State Park in Maryland on September 30, 2006. The report appears in this issue of the Octagon (and on this Blog).

The club has a new and much improved message board. This is something that many of our members have wanted for a long time. Be sure to check it out. You can access it through the club website at http://www.mgclub.org/ or directly at board.amgba.com. We have a members only section of the message board. Members can request club membership to the Message Board by making the request in the form of a reply on the message board or by email to us.ÿ This allows you to access the MEMBER ONLY QUESTION & ANSWER and UPKEEP & PERFORMANCE HINTS area.ÿ It also allows you to post items in the FOR SALE and WANTED sections as well as post photos in the MEMBER PHOTOS area. You must first register for this Message Board site.ÿ Be sure to include your membership name along with your membership number if known.

The club also now has a Blog located at blog.amgba.com. Members can publish items to the Blog by making the request in the form of a comment on the Blog or by email.
The new American MGB Association photo gallery is located at photos.amgba.com. The same login is used for the gallery as the Message Board.

Members now receive monthly publications. The Octagon is published in February, April, June, August, October and December and the eOctagon is published in January, March, May, July, September and November.

We now offer a 3 year membership or renewal rate which includes a free t-shirt. The rate is $95 or $125 for members outside the USA. So save some money and get a free t-shirt in the process!

Send us your email address so that we can send you the eOctagon. The eOctagon is sent via bulk email so if you are blocking this type of email you will not get it.

Remember the AMGBA “pays” for stories and info you send in the form of a credit toward regalia or renewal. We appreciate the increased number of color photographs that have been sent in since we changed to color printing of the OCTAGON!

Send in your list of spare parts that you have for sale as we send out all lists we have received during the year to members that request lists of spare parts available. These lists are also now appear on our web page in the “members only” section!

We have improved our web site and it now includes on-line ordering of club regalia. You can also print out renewal forms. You need an ID and password to access the “members only” section of our web site at http://www.mgclub.org/. You will find the ID and password on page 3 of the OCTAGON. These change with each issue so be sure to use only the ones listed in the latest issue.

Have a great holiday season!
Frank 🙂

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