Chinese start MG's relaunch

The former MG Rover Longbridge plant built these two MG TFs recently.

Nanjing’s Automobile Group Co.’s plans to relaunch the MG brand gained speed this week when the first two preproduction MG TF roadsters were built at the former MG Rover Longbridge plant in Birmingham, England.

MG plans to build about 80 preproduction TFs to validate manufacturing and assembly operations and to ensure that the cars meet safety and emissions standards.

The TF’s 1.8-liter, 135-hp engine and five-speed transmission are manufactured in China and shipped to England. The body is made at the Longbridge plant, where painting and final assembly takes place.

MG spokesman Kim Custer says plans to launch the TF roadster and hardtop in the United States are on track for next year. Some assembly will be done in England, but final assembly will be in a small plant in Ardmore, Okla.

by Richard Truett, Automotive News

3 thoughts on “Chinese start MG's relaunch”

  1. If the new MGB does not look like the old MGB it will never capture the market. Pontiac tried to revive the GTO but came up with a completely different car that didn’t at all resemble its predecessor. BMW brought out a Mini that looked similar to the old Mini and has had much success.

    I had a 1971 MGB. I would love to purchase a brand new one that looks similar to the old one. I would not purchase the TF pictured above. Its simply not an MGB.

  2. They are not making a new MGB. They are making MGs. The MGs pictured above are similar in style to the last MG sports cars made in England which were never brought to the U.S.

  3. NAC bought the ‘MG’ Brand. The last MGB was produced in the 1970s; the model shown above is the rebirth of the ‘tf’ convertable sports car which sold well here in Europe, especially the UK and Germany. It is mid-engined and handles like a dream. The engine lay out makes it difficult for DIYers but it as an affordable sports car it will give the MX-5 (Miata) a real run for its money. It would be interesting to see a modern take on the MGB but US regulations ruined it when they forced big plastic bumpers to replace the original’s neat chrome. I’d like to see a retake on the MGB GT to give us an affordable Cayman!

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