’77 B of Richard Burkhart

The June 2012 Octagon issue’s Queen B is the ’77 B of Richard Burkhart. Here is his story:

Family owned now for the last 21 years. Vintage professional conversion, designed by John’s Cars, Dallas Texas. Fitted with a Ford Mustang II V6 and a Ford C4 Trans. She is a very nice “B”. Excellent fit & finish. Several Trophies, Original Owners Manual, Original Sales Brochure, Service books, Original Jack/wrenches. Major service just completed by JK Jackson (Triumph Racer). Top is new, Tires are new on Rostyle reconditioned wheels. Interior looks stock except for the racing seats, and Mustang Shifter.

'77 B of Richard Burkhart '77 B of Richard Burkhart '77 B of Richard Burkhart '77 B of Richard Burkhart

One thought on “’77 B of Richard Burkhart”

  1. I just purchased this MGB and there are many things wrong with the car that were not disclosed. The brakes were just rebuilt at $802. All the front bushing are torn and worn out. another $600 to $800. Transmission needs going over it does not shift by itself. right side electrics are out.no lights. Drivers spindal stripped needs replacing. Drivers side shock worn needs replacing. all this on a car that was recently gone over by expert? I believe the seller bought this car and had it painted for a quick flip. I saw this ad and was influenced to make the purchase and looking at the car did not disclose all these problems. I got it into the first shop monday it goes to the second shop next monday for more repairs.

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