From the Editor’s Desk – June 2012

 '77 B of Richard Burkhart Welcome to the new members that have joined since the last issue.

We would like to thank Joseph Sunde, William Paul, Robert Hepple, Kenneth Smith, Matthew Thompson, Stephen Glass, Richard Burkhart and Mark Shelley.

Also thanks to Art Isaacs for his continued work in answering members’ technical questions and answers. Be sure to send in photos and stories so we can include them in future issues of the Octagon.

We are going to the Jersey Shore! Our 35th Annual Meet 2012 is scheduled for September 15, 2012 in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. We will be there in conjunction with the Brits on the Beach 2012 Show and look forward to working with Bob Canfield, the show’s coordinator. See more information in this issue.

I am sure you have noticed the improvement in the look and feel of the Octagon. The pages are brighter, the paper is better and there are more color pages with color pictures in better quality. The Octagon should also be received with less damage. Let me know what you think of the changes.

Join us on Facebook at American MGB Association or follow us on Twitter at amgba. Classified ads will now also appear on our those sites as well as the club’s website, message board, Octagon and eOctagon.

As requested by our members, Tech Sections Volume III in now available in printed format as well as CD format. It previously was only offered on CD. Pricing can be found on the regalia/store page and is priced the same as printed volumes I and II. Combos of more than one volume are also available.

In addition to the items found in our regular club regalia / store, more store merchandise including tote bags, caps, sweat pants, shorts and other items can be found at our Fieldhouse Club Store located at .

We now have member grille badges and key fobs. Technical Sections Volume III is now available which continues the great tradition of practical tech advice started with Volumes I and II. In keeping with the times this one is available only on CD for PC or Mac. Another new item in the store is a complete copy of the past ten years of the Octagon available on CD only for PC or Mac.

AMGBA members receive the Octagon, now published in March, June, September and December and the eOctagon, published in February, May, August and November.

We offer a 3 year membership or renewal rate which includes a free t-shirt or tech volume III CD. The rate is $95 or $125 for members outside the USA. We also have a 3 year eMembership for $65 which also includes a free t-shirt or tech volume III CD. Save money and get a t-shirt or tech CD!

The club has a Message Board at , a Blog located at . American MGB Association members are able to place ads and access more tech info. The AMGBA Photo Gallery is located at . The same login is used for the Gallery as the Message Board. Members can place their car photos directly at this location.

Send us your email address so that we can send you the eOctagon. The eOctagon is sent via bulk email so if you are blocking this type of email you will not get it. Please send in your stories and photos to be used in the Octagon. You will receive a credit toward renewal or regalia.

You need an ID and password to access the “members only” section of our website at You will find the ID and password on page 3 of the OCTAGON. These change with each issue so be sure to use only the ones listed in the latest issue. Also now you can to create your own id and password for the members only section. Submit the form on the members only page to do this.

Start planning for the upcoming driving and show season and see you on the Jersey Shore!

Top Photo: ’77 B of Richard Burkhart

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