In the News! – MG GS SUV

by Art Isaacs

I am in China and was reading a new posting in “Just British”, the on-line enthusiast magazine, about the MG GS SUV undergoing cold-weather testing in Detroit when one passes me in traffic on the streets of Huizhou, China. It’s a poor shot, but you can see in the attached picture the big Octagon on the center back and there’s a matching one on the front. This MG was even the same color as the car in the article.

Unique in its grille and tail lamp treatments, with large MG Octagons center at each end, from the outside it’s an otherwise generic SUV roughly the size and shape of a Chevy Equinox/Cadillac SRX, though the scalable AWD platform it’s on is supposed to be a new development. It’s nice enough looking, in a Nissan Murano sort of way, but it is reportedly under-powered, with only a 1.5L power plant available. The article notes the UK market is looking to get a 2.0L motor, presumably the one they’re testing and what might come to the US, if that’s in the cards.

The article also goes on to say the test car was spotted on the street in Detroit undisguised and wearing manufacturer’s tags. Considering the strong partnership of MG’s parent company, ShanghaiMGSUV Automotive Industries Company (SAIC), with GM (they build all the GM products sold in China, as well as own MG/Rover) and that the Europe-bound GS will use a GM sourced driveline, it is not unreasonable to expect them to help test the cars here, but why? China has more than it’s share of cold weather climates and if traffic is the concern, you need only see what goes on rush hour in any major Chinese city to know that they have that covered as well. So it is from that the speculation is born that they are considering a launch of the marque in the US again with this as a first foray. It would be the first to wear the Octagon since MGB departed in 1980. And with SAIC building and distributing Buick, Chevy and Cadillac in China, GM returning the favor here has some plausibility.

Those of us hoping the first MG back on these shores would be a new sports car may be disappointed, but a second article in the same magazine, even more speculatively, sees a new MG and Opel sports car being jointly developed with Opel based on an Opel GT concept model. Opel is quoted they have no plans for production, needing scale to support European sales. China and US distribution of modern MG (dare we say B) roadster and coupe models based on the same platform could certainly afford that scale. And GM does have that Kappa platform gathering dust that had underpinned the recent Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice and Opel GT (as well as an RHD Vauxhall version in the UK), the rumor mill does have fuel….

We can all dream, can’t we.

Safety Fast!

Art Isaacs

39th Annual AMGBA Meet 2016 – Waynesboro, Virginia


September 30 thru October 1, 2016

in conjunction with THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY



Fairway Lane Staunton VA, 1-855-809-3505



Bells Lane Staunton VA, 1-855-799-6859


Baker Lane Staunton VA, 1-866-599-6674


the American MGB Association at 773-769-7084

or AMGBA, 5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640; fax: 773-769-3240


, website:

or in Virginia: or website:

if you are planning to attend contact the above to be placed on a mailing list for any last minute details.

Celebrating its 35th year, the Shenandoah Valley British Car Club has the distinction of running one of the oldest annual British car festivals on the East Coast. This year’s show is presented by Crown MINI of Richmond with generous support from Mike Gassman Automotive – British Car Specialists.

Open to British marques in any condition (and occasionally some motorcycles) gather from more than 12 states beneath the massive trees of Ridgeview Park in Waynesboro, Virginia.

From show winners to daily drivers to even the “I-barely-got-it-running”, all British cars are welcome at this fun family event celebrating British automotive design and the people who drive these Little British Cars.

Awards, based on voting of the participants, will be presented at the Saturday night banquet. Door prizes will be awarded on the field to pre-registered participants. Pre-registration fee is $25, registration at gate is $30. So register now!

We are very happy to be again featuring The Holiday Inn Staunton Conference Center as our host hotel – site of the Friday night reception and the Saturday night awards dinner. The hotel is conveniently located near the intersection of I-81 and I-64, in historic Staunton, Virginia.

Our Friday night reception has proved to be very popular, so please add it to your schedules. We will have a special room available where you can purchase drinks, bar food/snacks, or a full meal. With videos in the background, this is an opportunity to get together with old friends or meet new ones. If you have not participated in this event before, you may want to make it a priority this year!

The Car Show on Saturday offers music, door prizes, and fabulous food on site. Waynesboro is the home of Fishburne Military Academy, and the Moss Museum and is only minutes from the famous and scenic Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. These are a joy to drive, and offer a beautiful view of the fall foliage.

Come join us for a wonderful time and a chance to see many exciting British cars and meet the people who love them! Please note preregistration cutoff is 9/25/16 and this is a rain or shine event so registration fees are non-refundable, and banquet fees are only refundable on request up to the cutoff date of 9/25/16.

Event details:

Friday, 9/30 at 6pm: Pre-show get together at Holiday Inn, Staunton, Virginia

Saturday, 10/1 from 9am to 2pm: Car show at Ridgefield Park, Waynesboro, Virginia

Saturday, 10/1 from 7pm till late: Awards Banquet at Holiday Inn, Staunton, Virginia
The American MGB Association (AMGBA) was established in 1975 and has provided continuous services to owners of MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets throughout North America since then. National conventions have been held annually since 1978 from New York to California and Texas to Canada.

Membership in the AMGBA is not required to attend the MEET but it is encouraged. For membership info call 773-769-7084 or write to:

AMGBA, P. O. Box 11401, Chicago, IL 60611 U.S.A.

Membership is $35 per year or $45 per year outside the U.S.A.

For Immediate Release: AMGBA Meet 2016

Contact: The American MGB Association at 773-769-7084,


The American MGB Association’s 39th Annual Meet – AMGBA MEET 2016 – for the MGB, MGB-GT & Midget – Waynesboro, Virginia – September 30 thru October 1, 2016


MG sports car production as we know it was discontinued in 1980 with the closing of the famed Abingdon-On-Thames works in the United Kingdom. But these modern day classics are being preserved forever here in North America by members of the American MGB Association which serves enthusiastic MGB, MGB-GT, and MG Midget owners throughout the USA, Canada and throughout the world. Each year, the AMGBA holds its National Meet.

The 1978 initial gathering was held in Chicago. In 1979 and 1980 the AMGBA National Conventions were held in New York state, in Ithaca and Glens Falls. The organization’s success led to renting the world famous Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway in 1981 for the AMGBA National Convention. In 1982, the AMGBA held its National Convention outside the USA in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In the years 1983 and 1984, the AMGBA went west for the first time in Lake Tahoe, California and Boulder, Colorado. In 1985, the AMGBA held tAmerican MGB Associationwo conventions in Santa Barbara, California and Abingdon, Illinois. In 1986, we visited Texas during its 150 year anniversary in San Antonio, Texas and in 1987 we visited the Saratoga Springs area of beautiful upstate New York. In 1988, the convention site was Kansas City, Missouri. In 1989, we visited the Great Northwest part of our country in Springfield, Oregon.

In 1990 the convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia which was a first for that area of the country. In 1991 we returned to the site of our first convention in Chicago and in 1992, we returned to the West Coast to the beautiful San Francisco Bay area in Palo Alto, California. In 1993, we traveled to New England at Keene, New Hampshire near the site of the Westminster MG Museum. In 1994, we went for the first time to the San Diego, California area at the Del Mar race track. In 1995 we went to Memphis, Tennessee, home of the blues and Elvis Presley. In 1996 we joined with all of the major MG clubs in North America for MG Indy ’96 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indy 500 track. In 1997 we were on the West Coast in the San Francisco area at Palo Alto, California. In 1998, we were in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Lake Campus of Davidson College. In 1999, we went to Los Angeles, California.

In 2000, we went to Armagh, Pennsylvania and joined with the TRF Summer Party and in 2001 we were in Houston, Texas for the Houston MG Club’s All British Motor Vehicle Exposition. In 2002 we again went to the San Francisco, California area for the Palo Alto British Car Meet. For 2003 we visited Florida and the Space Coast in Titusville, Florida. In 2004, we visited picturesque Cape Cod in Massachusetts for the Cape Cod British Car Club’s British Legends Weekend. In 2005, we were in San Diego, California at Fairbrook Farms in Bonsall for San Diego British Car Day. We were in Maryland in 2006 at the MGs on the Rocks Show and in 2007 we went to Charlotte, North Carolina at the MGs on the Green Show. In 2008 we were in Armagh, Pennsylvania with The Roadster Factory Summer Party and for 2009 we planned for a show in the Central Valley of California.

In 2010 we went to Sussex, Wisconsin for the British Car Field Day. For 2011 we were in Ohio for the first time at Dayton in conjunction with the Annual British Car Day at Eastwood Metropark. We went to the Jersey Shore in 2012 with the Annual Brits on the Beach Show in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. In 2013 we visited Mississippi for the first time to the oldest city on the Mississippi River in conjunction with the English Motoring Club of Mississippi’s Brits on the Bluff Show in Natchez, Mississippi. In 2014, we were at New England’s largest British car show at the British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont. Meet 2016 was in South Carolina at the Grand Strand British Car Club’s Britfest.

For 2016, we will be in Virginia for the first time in Waynesboro at the Shenandoah Valley British Car


It promises to be a great time and a memorable experience for all that attend. For more information contact the above, write to the American MGB Association,

5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640, call 773-769-7084, email us at or explore our website at .

Lane Museum and Donation

by Frank Ochal

On the way back from Meet 2015 in Myrtle Beach which was postponed due to the weather. Bruce Magers and I stopped at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The collection consist of numerous micro/mini cars produced in France, Czechoslovakia and other countries. The smallest vehicle on display was a 1965 Peel Trident made on the Isle of Man (Britain). I would urge any of you “Car Guys” to put this on your “Bucket List” as you will see the most complete collection of micro/mini cars ever assemble under one roof. There are over 45 different marques representing Asia, Europe, North and South American. Many of the cars are a one-of-a-kind.

While visiting the museum, we noticed that they had posters in the art gallery area entitled “The Magnificent MG – The Early Years” and “The Magnificent MG – The Middle Years”. We happened to have in our vehicle “The Magnificent MG – The Later Years” which we were going to auction off at AMGBA Meet 2015. We weren’t able to auction it because of the cancellation. We decided to donate our poster to make the collection complete and Jeff Lane, the Museum Director and owner personally thanked us for the addition to his gallery.

If you get a chance, please stop by the museum and check out the Art Gallery Room to see the complete set. Take a picture of the 3 posters and send it to us so we could see how it is displayed.

The Lane Motor Museum Story

In 2002, Jeff Lane established Lane Motor Museum. Jeff has been an automotive enthusiast since an early age. He began restoring his first car — a 1955 MG TF — when he was a teen. His personal collection was the donation that began the foundation. Lane Motor Museum unveiled its collection to the public in October of 2003. As director, Jeff Lane continues to search out cars for the collection that are technically significant or uniquely different. The goal of Lane Motor Museum is to share in the mission of collection and preserving automotive history for future generations. The Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Lane Motor Museum is one of the few museums in the U.S. to specialize in European cars. It is a working museum with the goal of maintaining all vehicles in running order. Some cars are in showroom condition, while others represent typical aging. Efforts are made to restore each vehicle to near-original specifications.

The Museum has been developed in a well-known Nashville landmark, the former Sunbeam Bakery at 702 Murfreesboro Pike. Home to the bread company beginning in 1951, the 132,000 square-foot facility was the largest and most modern bakery in the area at the time of its opening. The bakery building, outfitted for the museum’s needs but left with many of its original characteristics, has a high ceiling, natural light, and hand-crafted brick and maple wood flooring. The architectural style complements the age of the cars represented. The main floor has approximately 40,000 square feet of open space, ideal for displaying the collection.

Lane Motor Museum, 702 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN, 37210, PHONE: 615-742-7445
Lane Motor Museum closes each year on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Open Thursday thru Monday, 9am to 5pm, Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

AMGBA Meet 2015 and Myrtle Beach Britfest

The American MGB Association Meet 2015 and the 3rd Annual BRITFEST was by all accounts, a great success! The weather was perfect, we had a great variety of vehicles and the entire event went off without a hitch. Thank you to everyone who registered and a huge thank you to all the volunteers for your tireless and cheerful efforts! Be sure to check out the list of winners below.

After a torrential washout on the originally scheduled date of Oct. 3, 2015 the rescheduled date of October 24, 2015 provided weather that was fantastic … not too hot, not too steamy, just right! And GSBCC (Grand Strand British Car Club) was well represented with almost two thirds of the membership bringing out their shining Brit beauties. We had a DJ handling the music and sound system. Registrations, photos, balloting, raffles, and awards presentations went off remarkably well without any major hitch. So well in fact that other area clubs have asked for our procedures. “Practice makes perfect” as we continue to learn and improve each year. $300 was raised and will be presented to Canine Angels Service Dogs.

Thanks to the following for all of your valuable help and input with making Britfest 2015 a premier GSBCC event:

Committee Members: Jim Hendricks (GSBCC Immediate Past Pres., Advertising and Sponsorships), Greg Hoch (GSBCC Vice President), Rod Smith (GSBCC President, Britfest Show Chair, Location and Logistics), Jim Smith (GSBCC Treas., Awards & Trophies, Dash Plaques, T-Shirts), Bob Puttbach (GSBCC Club Events Chair, Photography), Bill Unger (GSBCC Secretary, Artwork, Promotions, Registrar, Balloting), Stancy Bender (Raffles and Door Prizes), Felicia Sachs (Social Media Editor), Skip Robertson (Signage).

Bill Unger,

Editor, Grand Strand British Car Club Newsletter


MG B (chrome bumper)

1st 1972 MGB Smith, Jim & Neal

2nd 1973 MGB Monteforte, Al & Joanne

3rd 1963 MGB Favro, Bill & Brenda


MG B (rubber bumper)

1st 1977 MGB Castelli, Joe & Arlene

2nd 1979 MGB Hoch, Greg & Patsy

3rd 1977 MGB Morris, Bill & Kathy


MG Midget

1979 MG Midget, Ralph Cozart


50/50 Raffle:

1972 MGB Smith, Jim & Nea


Longest Distance Driver

1979 MGB Gillenwater, Gen


Editor’s Note: As you probably know the original date of October 3 and AMGBA Officers Margie Springer, Bruce Magers and Frank Ochal were only a few hours away from the show location when it was cancelled due to historic rains and flooding. The officers could not return on the rescheduled date due to work, family and time conflicts. We therefore are reprinting accounts of the show that appeared in the Grand Strand British Car Club Newsletter. We appreciate their efforts.

AMGBA Meet 2015 and Myrtle Beach Britfest Meet2015Britfest (2) Meet2015Britfest (3) Meet2015Britfest (13) Meet2015Britfest (9) Meet2015Britfest (8) Meet2015Britfest (12) Meet2015Britfest (11)

’74 B of Edmund Schultz

An American MGB Association Queen B is the ’74 B of Edmund Schultz. Here is his story:

Here are photos of my recently acquired 1974 MGB. This is my third B. My wife’s brother clued me into this car a few weeks ago and it looks and runs well considering it has been garaged for two years prior to my acquiring it. As an aside my brother-in -law told me that his other brother painted this car. He passed away 5 years ago so my wife was glad to see that we have something in the family that he worked on. I am getting ready to store it for the winter. Fortunately I have a garage large enough to accommodate this car and the two other family cars. Winter can be tough up here in Maine. I already have a list of projects for the spring so I can spend the winter looking through the Moss and Victoria British catalogs and copies of the “Octagon”.

Edmund Schultz
Newcastle, ME


’71 B of Marshall Moore from Roanoke, Virginia

An Ameican MGB Associaton Queen B is the ’71 B of Marshall Moore of Roanoke, Virginia. Here is his story:

In early October, much of the Middle Atlantic and Southeast United States were hit by almost a week of heavy rains, resulting in some car shows getting cancelled and others being rescheduled. That also meant that my 1971 MGB spent a lot of time in the garage, looking outside whenever I opened the garage door, wishing the rain would stop so it could be taken out and exercised.

Finally, late this past week, nice weather returned in the form of a pleasant Indian Summer so it was time to bring the B out for some “road work”. A couple of weeks ago, I had taken it in for servicing in preparation for the drive to Myrtle Beach, SC for the AMGBA Meet 2015/Britfest gathering, but had gotten very little seat time since to drive the car.

On Sunday, I drove to the monthly meeting of the British Automobile Club of Southwest Virginia where a couple of other Bs were on hand. Then, Monday brought beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the seventies so I fired up the B and headed from the Roanoke Valley of Virginia up onto the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and then up to the top of Roanoke Mountain which gives some excellent views of the valley.

The early morning fog had since burned off leaving a beautiful fall day with views for miles from up on the mountain. The view from atop Roanoke Mountain provided a nice backdrop for the MGB, as proof that days like this are what having such a car is all about. I’ll continue to take advantage of weather like this to take the ‘B’ out for drives on some of the back roads around western Virginia until Winter decides to move in. Hopefully, that will not be too soon.

71BMarshallMoore7 71BMarshallMoore12 71BMarshallMoore6 71BMarshallMoore5 71BMarshallMoore4 71BMarshallMoore3

2015 Chicagoland British Car Festival

story by Bruce Magers, photos by Frank Ochal

The 29th annual Chicagoland British Car Festival was held on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at Harper Community College in Palatine, Illinois just outside of Chicago.

The show is organized by a consortium of British Car Clubs in the Chicago area. It has become the premier event for those interested in British cars.

Each year the show features hundreds of automobiles ranging from those in concours condition to just normal everyday drivers. This year was no exception as approximately 600 cars were gathered on the field representing virtually every marque produced in England. Door prizes and popular vote awards were presented to the lucky winners.

The weather was perfect – sunny and mild which obviously helped boost attendance. In addition to the vast array of stunning vehicles there was also a display of British motorcycles for those who “like their fun on two wheels”. A bag piper and traditional Irish dancers helped to put the crowd in a festive mood. Numerous vendors were also in attendance offering everything for the British car fan.

The American MGB Association (AMGBA) was on the field welcoming old members and signing up several new participants.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend this popular event be sure to mark your calendar for the 30th annual to be held on September 11, 2016 at Harper Community College in Palatine, Illinois. For further information go to or .

 2015ChicagoBritishCarDay  95RV8Dino&LisaPerezLakeInTheHillsIL
AMGBA Tent at 2015 Chicagoland British Car Festival ’95 R V8 of Dino & Lisa Perez from Lake In The Hills, Illinois
 73BTimothyBradleyMenomoneeFallsWI  72BGTJackFeldmanDownersGroveIL
’73 B of Timothy Bradley from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin ’72 B-GT of Jack Feldman from Downers Grove, Illinois
 70BDavidFitchNornalIL  68BV8HeleneKohnChicagoIL
’70 B of David Fitch from Normal, Illinois ’68 B V8 of Helene Kohn from Chicago, Illinois

1962-’74 MGB: Classic Chrome Bumper is still a Crowd Pleaser

by Mark J. McCourt from Hemmings Motor News

The new-for-1962 MGB’s up-to-date envelope body shape was a product of its new monocoque construction as it was of contemporary style. This sports car’s low, wide nose, deeply scalloped headlamps and its 1,800cc engine’s need for 120 square inches of radiator cooling area called for a new interpretation of the traditional chrome-surround/vertical-slat grille that had graced all MG’s since it debuted on the PB Midget in 1935.

The 1962-1964 MGB’s grille shell was chrome-plated brass matched with separate stainless-steel vertical slats, an it attached to the body with three riveted brackets. The were 18 slats per side, separated by a chrome-plated center bar that had a shield-shaped nose which held the plastic emblem with a chrome-ringed red MG octagon on a black field. A material change carried that grille on all MGBs and MGCs built from late 1964 thru 1969.

British Leyland felt the MGB needed a facelift for 1970. The traditional chrome grille was replaced by a trendy black, deeply recessed affair that was actually inspired by the grille design of the 1968 Ford Mustang.

The final grille to be fitted to the chrome-bumper MGB in 1973 and early 1974 production was a brilliant move by a British Leyland executive in New Jersey. He suggested combining the pre-1970 grille surround with a black mesh insert.

The 5 mph “rubber bumpers’ used from September 1974 to end of production in 1980 combined the front bumper and air inlet into one unit. While clever and traffic-friendly, this couldn’t compete with the original grilles in style or popularity.

NewGrilles1 NewGrilles2

American MGB Association – for MGB, MGB-GT and MG Midget owners

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