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’80 B of Jim Lynch

The March 2011 issue of the American MGB Association Octagon’s Queen B is the ’80 B of Jim Lynch. Here is his story:

'80 B of Jim Lynch All who own a MGB with it’s infamous electrical system will appreciate this. I own a 1980 MGB that I have slowly brought back from near death. It is now an everyday car and I even drive it from my home in Massachusetts to Fort Lauderdale, Florida each December and return in April.

Last winter (2009), while in Florida, I noticed the left front headlight dimming. Knowing how temperamental the electrical system can be I decided that as long as it worked at all I would leave it along. I don’t drive at night very often anyway.

I arrived home to Massachusetts in mid April and noticed that the left directional signal was a little erratic, sometimes as slow as molasses and sometimes fast. “There has to be a short somewhere”, I thought, but I hate to open Pandora’s Box. Besides as I thought in Florida if it’s working at all leave well enough alone.

Massachusetts requires a safety and emission inspection every year and the MG was due in May. Because of its age, they only do a safety check and forgo the emissions. I pulled into the inspection bay and turned on my lights. The inspector said “right directional”, I turned it on. “Left directional”, he said and I turned it on. I knew something was wrong when he looked at the front end, looked at me, back to the front end and scratched his head. “Why is your left headlight blinking?” he asked. “I have no idea” I said, “but at least something’s blinking”. Amazingly he looked at me and said “yeh, I guess so” and put a sticker on the windshield indicating the MG had passed another test and was good for another year. I went straight to a friend who deals with Lucas electrical systems. He found the short, fixed it and I now have “normal” directionals and a much brighter headlight.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you’re going to drive a unique vehicle, expect it to do unique things and expect unique reactions from those who see it.

’77 B of Don Boudwin

The December 2010 Octagon’s Queen B is the ’77 B of Don Boudwin. Here is his story:

I bought my 1977 MGB used in 1980 when it had 23,000 miles on it. Thirty years later it still only has 60,100 miles on it.

It sat idle for a number of years but in Oct 2009 I attended a British car show here in Delaware and I was inspired to get my “B” up to speed. I started under the hood, then the interior and trunk, and then the brakes and clutch.

I now have installed a new windshield which was quite a job but it came out okay. I still have some body work and a fresh paint job coming up but the car is road ready and mechanically sound.

'77 B of Don Boudwin '77 B of Don Boudwin '77 B of Don Boudwin '77 B of Don Boudwin

’78 Midget of Joe Rogucki

This September 2010 Octagon issue’s Queen B is the ‘78 Midget of Joe Rogucki. Here is his story:

'78 Midget of Joe Rogucki Here is my 1978 Midget, I found it languishing in a friends yard with lots of work to do. It had well over 100,000 miles on it and all the underpinnings needed updated or replaced. It was painted red, and had lots of body work due to an accident. I bought her 5 years ago, started to work on her myself, after fixing the breaks and suspension. I replaced the 4 speed transmission with a 5 speed ford T9 kit, added a Weber downdraft carb and headers. I found a body shop willing to take on the

'78 Midget of Joe Roguckiproject, they returned her to her original “brooklands green” and the Union Jack on the back was added on a whim. The engine was re-built by Medina Motorsports in Medina, Oh. I added new wheels, and interior, and steering wheel. It is a “daily driver’ when the weathers good and it’s so much fun to drive I have a hard time sitting around at shows. Enjoy the photos; red before, green after.

'78 Midget of Joe Rogucki

'78 Midget of Joe Rogucki

’65 B of Marc Meccia

The June 2010 issue’s Queen B is the ’65 B of Marc Meccia. Here is his story:

Here are some photos of Bea. She’s a ’64 titled as a ’65 that I’ve had a little over 10 years. She was originally a Texas car. When I got her, she had virtually no rust but was painted an ugly metallic blue. A friend of mine did the body and paint, and I did the rest.

She has all new suspension bushings and springs, a header and freeflow exhaust, and basically everything else is stock except for the period console , steering wheel and wheels . She’s very reliable and I take down the top in the spring and it doesn’t go up until the winter. She’s garaged and covered in the winter but if the weather is good , we’ll go for a nice drive.

'65 B of Marc Meccia '65 B of Marc Meccia '65 B of Marc Meccia

’78 MGB Conversion of Gene Lillie

This is the 1978 MGB chrome bumper conversion of Gene Lillie. He is almost complete on his 9 ½ year restoration program. He kept the frame and most of the body parts. All parts were ordered from on line catalog sales locations, no parts were from old cars found lying around. When replacing the exhaust system, he had a muffler made that fits in the wheel well to avoid dragging on the ground. The interior has been almost completely replaced, only the dashboard remains from when he first bought it. He enjoys showing it at local car shows and he often gets stopped by people to tell me how well the car looks.

'78 B Conversion of Gene Lillie '78 B Conversion of Gene Lillie '78 B Conversion of Gene Lillie

’74 Midget of Tom & Lynette Hummel

'74 Midget of Tom & Lynette Hummel '74 Midget of Tom & Lynette Hummel Tom and Lynette Hummel became owners of their MG by chance. Tom was visiting his mother when he saw a small red convertible drive by. As he was leaving, he saw the car again. He drove by it slowly and saw a for sale sign on the front seat.

They then took the car for a test drive. The owner gave them a list of problems but they did not matter as they were in love with it already. The next day they bought the car. The owner had the 1974 Midget for five years while she lived down the street from his mom. He had never seen it before that day. The photos show Lynette in the Midget on the day they bought it and the other one is Tom washing the car.

’73 B of David Perkins

The December 2009 Queen B is the 1973 B of David Perkins: Here is his story:

Here are some pictures of my newly restored (in 2009) 1973 MGB. The frame, most body trim, chrome bumpers, and engine are original. The interior is new, as are the wire wheels, and the convertible top. The British Racing Green paint job is also new, as well as all of the front/rear light lenses. It runs beautifully at about 87,000 miles, and never needed any major mechanical work. I replaced the wiring. I’ve owned it since 2005. Nearly all of the restoration and paint work was done by Mods for Rods in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

'73 B of David Perkins '73 B of David Perkins

1977 B of L. Gene Enke

The latest issue of the Octagon’s Queen B is the 1977 B of L. Gene Enke. Here is the story:

Our 1977 red Queen B is a “favored toy” which we have owned since 1979. She traveled with us well through the years including holidays on the gulf coast and the east coast. With 90,000 miles and no mechanical issues (all original), she is now relegated to local trips. The top is put down is April and back up in October. She has enjoyed a total body restoration several years ago and is in “show condition”. The car attracts its share of attention and is widely recognized in our area. British Leyland would be proud of its product.

'77 B of L. Gene Enke

'77 B of L. Gene Enke

'79 B V8 of William Lane

'79 B V8 of William Lane

’79 B V8 of William Lane

This issue’s Queen B is the ’79 B V-8 of William Lane. Here is the story:

This is my “King B”. It has a 5.0 liter Ford V-8, Borg-Warner 5 speed transmission and narrowed 8″ Ford rear end. All work done by owner. It is best described as G.L.H. (goes like hell!).

'79 B V8 of William Lane
'79 B V8 of William Lane