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’77 B of Richard Burkhart

The June 2012 Octagon issue’s Queen B is the ’77 B of Richard Burkhart. Here is his story:

Family owned now for the last 21 years. Vintage professional conversion, designed by John’s Cars, Dallas Texas. Fitted with a Ford Mustang II V6 and a Ford C4 Trans. She is a very nice “B”. Excellent fit & finish. Several Trophies, Original Owners Manual, Original Sales Brochure, Service books, Original Jack/wrenches. Major service just completed by JK Jackson (Triumph Racer). Top is new, Tires are new on Rostyle reconditioned wheels. Interior looks stock except for the racing seats, and Mustang Shifter.

'77 B of Richard Burkhart '77 B of Richard Burkhart '77 B of Richard Burkhart '77 B of Richard Burkhart

'77 B of Tom Triatik

77 B of Tom Triatik
77 B of Tom Triatik

For the past 2 years I have been driving my yellow 1977 MGB to a Salvation Army picnic for children in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As a clown I create 200-300 balloon animals for the children during this event and here is a picture of me with the clown suit in the B.

Another picture here is my grandson, Cameron Smits, who seemed to blend in with my 1977 yellow MGB as he was wearing his Packer sweatshirt.

Another picture is my 1977 MGB sitting in my driveway.

The story of my 1977 MGB begins in July 2006 when a friend of my wife (Bonnie) let her know she wanted to sell her MGB of 20 years. She had 55,000 original miles, new tires, new top, wire wheels, and during those 20 years of ownership this MGB had been restored, repainted, and rewired. Being in Wisconsin, she only drove it occasionally in summer. The next weekend my wife and I drove to her home (about 40 miles) for a test drive. She had informed us that while she would not be home that weekend, her home would be unlocked, the keys would be in the MGB, and if we liked the car we could just “drive it home and we’d meet next week to trade the title for a check”. So after a short test drive this 1977 MGB was on the way to my home with my wife following in our van. That was a Saturday in July 2006. The next Monday we met and exchanged my check for her title. She is glad her MGB has found a “good home” and my wife and I, along with our grandchildren, are the happy owners of this MGB. We’ve even taken our MGB camping in October in Door County – Wisconsin to visit Fall Festivals and see the Fall colors with the top down!

Note: This is an article appearing in the American MGB Association club magazine, the Octagon which is received with club membership.