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’77 B of Don Boudwin from Clayton, Delaware

An American MGB Association Queen B is the ’77 B of Don Boudwin from Clayton, Delaware. Here is his story:

My interest first started in MG’s in 1979 when a friend of mine showed me his 1976 MGB, after driving his for a few weeks I needed to get my own. I saw a 1977 MGB in the newspaper for sale at Maple Shade Mazda in New Jersey in November 1980, I went to see it, test drove it and bought it on site for $2,350.00. It had 21,400 miles on it.

In the first few years, I had a few what turned out to be common issues, the car would shut off without warning which was the Lucas ignition module mounted on the distributor,

I installed a dual point distributor to end that issue. In 1987 the clutch went out, I planned to fix it myself until I read the first step “REMOVE ENGINE”. I had the clutch replaced at Christopher’s MG shop in Ocean City NJ. The car slowly developed rusty areas and had a few minor operational issues,

In 2012, I decided to bring it back and had extensive body work done. That was about a two year process. I then had engine work suspension work and most recently had the clutch hydraulic’s completely replaced along with some other maintenance issues.

I have been attending car shows for many years and when Don Henderson of the British Car Club of Delaware invited me to the Delaware City show, much to my surprise my B won 1st place. My car was finally, after many years, presentable.

’77 B of Don Boudwin

The December 2010 Octagon’s Queen B is the ’77 B of Don Boudwin. Here is his story:

I bought my 1977 MGB used in 1980 when it had 23,000 miles on it. Thirty years later it still only has 60,100 miles on it.

It sat idle for a number of years but in Oct 2009 I attended a British car show here in Delaware and I was inspired to get my “B” up to speed. I started under the hood, then the interior and trunk, and then the brakes and clutch.

I now have installed a new windshield which was quite a job but it came out okay. I still have some body work and a fresh paint job coming up but the car is road ready and mechanically sound.

'77 B of Don Boudwin '77 B of Don Boudwin '77 B of Don Boudwin '77 B of Don Boudwin