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The MG Car Club is delighted to confirm that the first public showing in Europe of the compact new MG3 will be at MGLive! Held at Silverstone, the home of British racing on June 15-16, 2015. MGLive! is the world’s largest celebration of everything MG, making it the perfect event to reveal the fun new hatchback to friends of the marque.

Taking style cues from the MG ZERO concept car, the MG3 is the epitome of modern British style. The new small MG will also be launched with a wide range of colours and personalisation options and a selection of these will be on public display for the first time at MG Live!

MG Car Club General Manager Julian White said: “At the MG Car Club we represent every model of MG from the very earliest to the very latest and are looking forward to welcoming MG3 into the family. MGLive! is the MG Car Club’s annual celebration of all things MG that attracts new and old friends of the marque from right across the world.

“We are truly delighted to include the European public debut of the MG3 as part of the weekend’s celebrations. In addition to the full MG display, MG3 will also play an important role in the MG Car Club display, with a line up of MG’s ranging from a 1929 18/80 to this latest model. “Guy Jones, MG’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “The British Design and Engineering teams take pride in the fact that MG3s will soon be leaving the production line in Birmingham. MGLive! is the perfect launch pad for MG3 to ensure fans of the brand have the first chance to see the new MG.

“MG3 is a distinctive statement of British style in an affordable, small car that is fun to own and drive. It is the modern execution of the values that made the brand globally famous and the perfect addition to the range to attract both new customers and loyal fans back to the brand. There’s a great range of colour and styling options to make ordering one more fun, so why not come along and style your own personal MG3!”


MG’s Future Supermini

MG Supermini - MG Zero

The concept version of MG’s future supermini has been revealed at the Beijing motor show. Dubbed the MG Zero, the concept was designed and engineered in the UK, and is best thought of as an embellished version of the final production car, which is thought to be called the MG3.

The handsome hatchback would be aimed squarely at best-sellers like the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio, and would suggest that the Chinese-owned manufacturer is serious about returning to Europe with a range of models.

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The MG6 Concept

Most of us here in the U.S. haven’t seen a new production MG stateside since the 1980 MGB LE. However, we have watched from a distance as Morris Garage has changed hands from British owned to the BMW years that produced the MGF and MGTF to present day where this long time British favorite is now owned by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) based in China. Back in April, SAIC revealed the MG division’s newest MG concept—the MG6.

MG6 Concept
MG6 Concept

The MG6 concept is based on the Roewe 550 four-door sedan, which is said to use a modified version of the Rover 75’s front wheel drive platform from some years back. Of course this means the MG6 is set to come equipped with the K-series like 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine. The twist—the MG6 will be available with a 160 hp turbocharged 1.8-liter for those looking for a little more punch than 130 hp that will come with the base motor. All of this is wrapped in a Ford Mondeo-esque like body and is slated to arrive as a production car in the Chinese market for 2010.

Will the MG ever make it back to the U.S. though? Currently, there aren’t any confirmed plans for that, however, the Chinese have been looking for ways to break into the U.S. market. I look at this as a repeat of Nissan and Toyota coming to North America. Older generations will remember Toyota’s first venture into the American market in 1957 with the Toyopet Crown. It was a disaster, especially from a public relations perspective and it caused Toyota to pull out of the North American market in 1960. Of course we all know how that story has continued; some 50 years later Toyota is now the number one car manufacturer in the World.

So for all you MG fans, don’t count the marque or SAIC out of the equation. It might take another couple years, but I doubt that would change people’s love affair with the classic British Sports car. It did spawn the Mazda MX-5 Miata revolution.

NAC MG announces launch date for new MG TF LE500!

NAC MF TF MG has announced that production of the TF LE500 sportscar will commence at their Longbridge plant in Birmingham at the beginning of August, with the first cars delivered to showrooms in September.

Chairman for NAC MG UK Ltd, Mr He, Xiao Qing, said; “I am delighted to be in a position to talk about a launch date for the TF LE500 following a process of planning, re-organisation, active quality improvements and parts optimisation that we recognise resulted in frustration for our stakeholders. We are now fully focussed on bringing our hard work to fruition.”

The new car is expected to appeal to a wide range of car buyers looking for the authentic sportscar driving experience, as well as existing small sportscar owners looking to upgrade, current owners and the large band of MG enthusiasts.

Gary Hagen, Director of Sales & Marketing continued, “The open top sportscar is an iconic image of British motoring and forms the basis of the MG marque’s long pedigree. The launch of the TF LE500 signals our determination to keep this class of car at the heart of the brand as we take it forward.”

With the launch of the new TF LE500, the company knows that it is also re-launching one of the best known and best loved brands in the world. Whilst production efforts at Longbridge are focussed on the LE500, designers at their SMTC facility in Leamington, Warwickshire are already planning exciting newMG models that will capture the essential qualities of the MG brand and extend the range into additional sectors.

The commitment planned by MG and the level of investment underwritten by SAIC will persuade doubters that the MG brand is being re-launched with the support to make it successful again. The fact is that in 2008, desirable and competitive British made sportscars will once again be rolling off a production line in Longbridge. A sight that many thought they might never see again.

– MG

SAIC and Nanjing Merge to form Mega Chinese Auto Group

Industry analysts widely agree that one of the principal factors preventing Chinese automakers from succeeding outside of China is the local industry’s fragmentation, with over 100 automakers vying for their slice of the proverbial pie. However, a merger announced Wednesday between two major Chinese automakers, Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp (SAIC) and Nanjing Automotive Group, stands a stronger chance of succeeding in the international car market as a larger group.The merger, which has been long anticipated, involves SAIC paying $285.7 million for Nanjing. In return, Nanjing’s parent company acquires 4.9 percent of SAIC Motor Corp.

The products of SAIC’s joint ventures with GM and Volkswagen Group account for 14% of the domestic market in China, selling 1.25 million vehicles in the first ten months of 2007. Nanjing, meanwhile, sold less than 80,000 over the same period, making the acquisition a merger in the same sense as Mercedes had “merged” with Chrysler. Nanjing, however, owns MG Rover, whose plants in England SAIC hopes to use as a foothold into the European market.

MG TF Re-Launch Delayed

Nanjing MGTF According to reports by the Birmingham Post, the much-vaunted re-launch of the MG TF Roadster will be put back until sometime in 2008. It has stated that as well as there being little likelihood of the MG 7-Series saloon reaching the UK until next year, but also, ‘Nanjing Automobile missed its end of the 2007 year target for the launch of its MG TF sports cars.’

NAC-MG was aiming for an April relaunch, to coincide with the parent company’s 60th anniversary, but following the Longbridge re-opening ceremony in May where company executives were talking about an ‘Autumn launch’, it now appears that TF will now go to the showrooms in the UK in 2008.

Final details are being worked out on pricing for the car, although reports in China suggest it could be around £20,000. Around 31 dealers have signed up so far to sell the car with more expected to follow. Meanwhile a marketing campaign is expected to start in early 2008 to alert MG enthusiasts and other potential purchasers to the relaunch of the car.

Eleanor de la Haye, spokeswoman for NAC MG, said: “The car will be released to dealers in February and deliveries will start in March..” According to the Birmingham Post, 20 cars are currently on test for altitude testing in Spain, hot weather testing in Australia, and cold weather testing in Finland.

Chinese Car Deal Raises Hopes for MG Revival

By Fang Yan from the International Herald Tribune

A deal struck this week puts a venerable British motoring brand in the hands of China’s top car maker, raising hopes that Shanghai Automotive Co might do for MG what Germany’s BMW did for the Mini.

Shanghai Auto on Wednesday agreed a $286 million dollar (143.4 million pound) deal to acquire the vehicle and core auto parts operations of Nanjing Auto, an eastern China manufacturer which surprised car enthusiasts in 2005 by snapping up the MG brand and some other assets after the collapse of the British firm, MG Rover.

With a stock market value of $24 billion, Shanghai Auto, backed by parent SAIC, has financial clout roughly equivalent to Italy’s Fiat or Hyundai of South Korea.

“Funding is obviously not a major concern now that the companies are joining forces,” said Chen Qiaoning, analyst at ABN AMRO TEDA Fund Management in Shanghai.

SAIC, which has joint ventures with General Motors and Volkswagen AG in China, already has a connection with the defunct MG Rover.

Last year it introduced the Roewe 750 to the Chinese market. The car is based on technology acquired from MG Rover and is priced to compete with Toyota’s locally-made Camry.

Nanjing Auto, for its part, announced a grand scheme to revive the MG marque when it rolled out its first MG sports cars and saloons, made at a plant in China, in April.

The distinctive MG badge dates back to around 1925 and is part of a rich history of British car manufacturing with a special connection to motor sport.

MG and other British motoring names including Rolls-Royce and Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Lotus all eventually needed to call upon foreign capital as car markets become more open and costs competition hit home.

Ford and GM of the United States and Japan’s Nissan have big production sites in Britain, but a slew of British marques are in foreign hands.

India’s Tata Motor is set to buy Jaguar from Ford . Volkswagen owns Bentley, BMW owns Rolls-Royce while Aston Martin is owned by a consortium including Kuwait’s Investment Dar . Lotus belongs to Malaysia’s Proton.

Nanjing Auto, which paid 53 million pounds for MG, has plans to return the brand to international prominence and make it fashionable among China’s emerging middle class.

Earlier this year, Nanjing Auto unveiled its first British-built MG TF sports cars at the Longbridge assembly plant, ending a two-year production halt there.


The British production was intended to revive the marque internationally through sales in Europe and British Commonwealth countries, where the MG brand remains a household name.

But financing MG’s revival was clearly an issue for Nanjing Auto.

Zhang Xin, general manager of the Nanjing Auto subsidiary making the cars, said at the time that the subsidiary was seeking outside investors and was willing to sell as much as 50 percent of itself to help fund the project.

A Nanjing Auto executive, who declined to be named, told Reuters on Thursday that it had sold 3,000 MG 7 model cars in China since August — not a large amount for a new model. Overseas sales have not begun, he said.

There is one potential legal cloud on the horizon for the partners as the administrator to a failed Dutch unit of MG claims the European brand rights outside Britain. Wouter Verel at lawyers AKD was not available for comment on Thursday.

SAIC’s ventures with General Motors and Volkswagen AG are China’s biggest car sellers. The SAIC group sold 1.25 million vehicles in the first 10 months of 2007, dwarfing Nanjing Auto’s sales of 79,196 vehicles, industry data shows.

Apart from its majority stake in South Korea’s Ssangyong Motor , SAIC does not have major car sales overseas.

SAIC Motor president Chen Hong told reporters on Wednesday that the Longbridge facility in Britain would serve as a platform for his firm to tap foreign markets with the MG brand.

Inside China, the outlook for the MG brand is complicated by the fact that SAIC has been promoting the Roewe, which uses technology similar to the MG 7 sedan series technology bought by Nanjing Auto.

But analysts believe SAIC may continue selling both Roewe and MG models by aiming at different market segments. MG cars in China have so far been priced slightly cheaper than Roewe cars.

“The next thing we will be focusing on is to clarify the market position of the Roewe and the MG, and differentiate the brands accordingly. That is vital for good sales,” said Liu Ningsheng, spokesman at Nanjing Auto.

While this issue may be resolved, the difficulties faced by the MG brand in the past show relaunching it may not be quick or easy, noted Chen at ABN AMRO TEDA Fund Management.

“They should buckle up and be well prepared for the bumpy road ahead,” he said.

(Additional reporting by Alexandra Hudson in Amsterdam and David Cutler in London; Editing by Marcel Michelson and Andrew Callus)

Nanjing MG has launched the MG 7 Luxury Sedan

Chinese automaker Nanjing MG has formally launched its new MG 7 luxury sedan in the home market, priced from around $25,500

from Edmunds Inside Line

The MG 7 competes head to head with the Roewe 750 sedan built by rival — and suitor — Shanghai Auto. Both models are based on the original and now-defunct Rover 75 sedan; Shanghai bought the blueprints and Nanjing bought the tooling.

New MGs made in China The central government has been trying to broker a marriage between the two state-owned companies, but so far both sides seem to be resisting a forced merger.

In bringing the MG 7 to market, Nanjing observes that the design “retains the character” of the Rover 75’s stablemate, the old MG ZT sedan. The latest edition, however, is built in China, rather than England.

In the Chinese market, Nanjing is offering three versions of the MG 7, plus a flagship MG 7L. The base car is fitted with a 160-horsepower turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, adapted by Lotus Engineering. The range-topping MG 7L has a 177-hp 2.5-liter V6 and features a modest 0.8-inch stretch over the standard edition, with more rear legroom.

The MG 7L tops out at $45,000, making it one of the most expensive domestic models from a Chinese automaker.

What this means to you: Americans will see the MG TF roadster long before the Chinese send this big sedan over.

MG Rover may be reunited in China

Rival firms Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Nanjing Automotive Company – the two firms that bought the remains of MG Rover – could be on course to merge, and bring back together the constituent parts of the old British car-maker that were seperated two years ago.

The firms have been in talks since before June. They claim that they are only considering a joint venture, but other sources maintain that a buyout of the smaller Nanjing Automotive by SAIC is more likely, thereby amalgamating the remains of MG Rover into one company.

Nanjing bought rights to the MG models in 2006 following MG Rover’s collapse, and sold the first MG (a re-badged ZT) last week.

SAIC bought the Rover models, but failed to buy rights to the Rover name. The result is the Roewe 75 – a name devised by SAIC for the re-worked Rover 75s.

Nanjing Automotive has much better production facilities than the bigger Shanghai company. It owns a factory capable of producing 200,000 vehicles a year – significantly more than SAIC’s ageing Yizheng factory.

This would be a huge incentive for Shanghai Automotive to buy its smaller rival, as it would allow for increased production of the Roewe 75. Owning its most significant competitor would also give it a stranglehold on the market.

Roewe is due to arrive in the UK in 2009 with the stretched 75, the Roewe 750. Nanjing Automotive maintains that it will launch the new TF roadster in the UK before the end of 2007.

2008 MG3

MG under the guidance of China’s Nanjing has developed a new hatchback model based on the original Rover 25 that was sold up until 2005. When MG and Rover were split, Nanjing Auto managed to scoop up the tooling for the car and as evidenced by these latest spy shots a new MG3 has already begun production.
Set for launch next year, the new MG3 is likely to be manufactured in China as there are no plans to expand the Longbridge site in the UK yet. According to some reports the car could also revive the original Austin label, which will be used to market a range of affordable models from Nanjing.
Powering the car will be a series of four-cylinder petrol engines ranging in displacement from 1.1 to 1.8L. A 2.0L diesel engine was also offered with the original Rover hatch but there’s no world on whether Nanjing will pick up the oil-burner.